Here's a thought>>>

Here's a thought>>>

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many times have the same disscussion came up , why is there so many old post with no replies, cant those ones get put in a catorgory :"Hanging" -( in this catorgory you'll find many different disscussion,are you intrested in being the first , to pull the noose down of thiers necks)lol

well anyways it was just a thought lol

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Had the same problem creating a set. The 'scroll' bar doesn't allow the whole set-I had to go through all my pics, write down which ones I wanted in the set and use the 'search key word' for all of them to add them. It took forever! I use Internet Explorer by the way to do all my stuff, not Firefox. So I don't know if this has any bearing on anything or not or will leave some people out-just thought i'd respond.


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