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Warning: This post contains site whoring

I know there are many people here that don't often get to the non community member blogs we post on the site, but I wanted to point this one out because, quite simply, I liked it and I think many of you will as well.

Drew Daywalt writes a weekly(ish) blog for us that I always find interesting, but I enjoyed this latest one because it talked about 5 old old old school horror movies, 3 of which I had not heard of let alone seen.

Gasp! they are in black and white, double gasp!! silent films, triple gasp!!! some are subtitled.

Still there? Ok.  All are available on youtube, but there are embeds in the blog its self.  So if you sitting there thinking there is nothing to watch, I have seen everything thing, head on over to School of FEAR and check out

Uncensored Horror: Must See Movies from Before the Code

I am sure one of these will be new to you.

Also, read his other blog posts. They are quite good and could lead to some good discussions in message boards.

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I happened on this blog and loved and own the movies on it but one. He describes it as moody and horror but I fell asleep on it and if it WAS horror, lol, it must have been a SCARY conversation cause I didnt find ANYTHING scary about it. The clips WERE GREAT and a must for any serious horror fan.


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