Fear Itself

Fear Itself

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My fear would have to be... "Spiders"! I am so afraid of those icky, creepy, and gross little things; I get so PARANOID of them. Ewww, I hate even thinking about it!Yell

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thanks spooky-  thats kind of the idea that i got- but i wasnt sure.  That is one of the most disgusting things i have ever heard !  Im sure you've seen the movie when the plane crashes and the people have to eat the dead-  honestly, I would rather die than be a cannibal.  I could not live with myself if i ever ate a person-  I could not handle that mentally-   I would go insane.   Now i feel a little nauseous-   i think im going to go to sleep now so i dont have to think about it anymore- LOL !    Yell  Tongue out

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No prob, zg! The point of the film is that nobody knows what it is-the government lets everyone believe it is plankton and seaweed-that's why it's green. Heston is the cop investigating the source and where it actually comes from-and the government trying to stop him from revealing it to the world, so they can make their money off the product. It sounds sick-but considering that it was made in the 70's and was only PG-the violence is kept to a minimum. Yes, I have seen the movie repeatedly and even own it, but havn't watched it forever. (Hmm..week-end coming up with nothing to do..)

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ok-  now you've got me curious.  You've left me no choice-  now im going to HAVE to watch the movie !  It sounds really good.  I'll let you know what i think of it-  ( but i'll still be thinkiing about Planet of the Apes because of Charleton Heston )     Cool


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Adlerian Aphasia developing,

I'd seek out Thyra Boldes.  She's a consultant.



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