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Hello-  I am new to Fearnet and was thinking that maybe a Fearnet Convention where Fearnet members can meet eachother would be awesome.   I know that there are members all over the world, but since I am from the USA,  I was thinking maybe a mid-way point- mid- west would be fair for us to all meet.  Some members sugested to have conventions in each state, but we all have FN friends all over the US- and im sure that we would like to meet all the people that we talk to each day.  I think that it would be alot of fun !

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that is a really great ideal, i live in highland california, i dont own a car,or have a driving license, but it sure would be nice to meet everyone here on FEARnet. so good luck on it ,maybe we can figure out a sponsership program if they do have one so people who cant afford to go , might be able to if someone is willing to sponser them by helping pay for part of the trip cost, Like plane or bus ticket so for sure they know that 's what the money is being spent on ..


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wow i was just thinking that the other day, that would be so cool to meet all the horror fans out there, maybe one day you never know.


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yeah i know deana-  but its just very hard to organize.  i tried-   but most of us are pretty spread out over the U.S. and its hard for everyone to get the cash to travel-  i even suggested a mid-way point-  but its tough-  but if ever win the lottery-  im payin FOR ALL MY PEEPS ON HERE !!

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