Last exorcism and Case 39

Last exorcism and Case 39

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Rented these 2 over the weekend.  Was really digging the Last exorcism for about 20 minutes loved the fact that Cotton was a Charlatan......and then the movie got closer to the and and I went ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo really? You went that way with it. I ended up hating it.

Case 39 I really enjoyed. Good original story line with a bit of a twist.  I could have enjoyed it more had it not had Renee Zellwigger in it (her facial exprssion looks like she got punched in the stomach whilst sucking on a lemon)

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LOL. Family Guy always gives her a scrunched up ant eater face! LOL. Case was good for DVD, but NOT theater, IMOP. I left in the middle of Last Exorcist. They were just trying to make money like paranormal craptivity. Minimum effort for max dollars.

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i haven't seen last exorcism yet, but case 39 was awful

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Last Exorcism was a crap shoot, bad filming, bad acting, bad directing, and poorly written. At best it may have been worthy of a 10 minute FEWDIO short film but they had to draw it out for an hour and a half.

Case 39 on the other hand was the best of it's kind. there have been attempts at this kind of film before and most of them were horrid failures ie) Orphan and Joshua, but case 39 pulled it off, it was fast paced and suspensful, not too much of a twist, but it was still quite good for a movie with Zellwigger in it.

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