Being Human Season 1 Eppi 2 There goes the neighborhood part 2

Being Human Season 1 Eppi 2 There goes the neighborhood part 2

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Being Human' Season 1, Episode 2 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Jan 25th 2011 11:20AM

being human syfy['Being Human': 'There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 2']

And here we go again with the gloomy.

Before picking up where last week's 'Being Human' cliffhanger left off, we got an interesting cold open that offered a look at our heroes' origins. (Hmmm, I guess we probably shouldn't call them heroes, should we? Antiheroes? No, that seems like a bit of a stretch. How about tortured souls? That sounds good -- oh wait! Do vampires have souls? ... I'll have to think about that one.) The quick flashback scenes were sad, intriguing, somewhat intense and visually interesting. I suppose that description could also sum up the show so far.

Syfy's take on 'Being Human' isn't great TV (yet), but it's not terrible, as some fans of the original U.K. series were predicting. I still wish the show was a little more fun and engaging, but it's a million times better than 'The Cape,' the other genre show that airs at 9PM ET on Monday nights. I know that may not sound like high praise (because 'The Cape' is truly god-awful), but I really do like this show. I still find Josh (Sam Huntington) a little whiney and annoying, and I'm not exactly thrilled about the prospect of watching poor dead Sally (Meaghan Rath) pine over her husband all season, but I'm still hooked on 'Being Human.'

I'm most interested and invested in Sam Witwer's vampire character, Aidan, and his involvement with the vampire underworld. (Yes, I was a fan of 'Angel' and 'Moonlight.' And no, I don't mind sitting through yet another vampire redemption tale.) I like Witwer in the role, and his scenes with Mark Pellegrino's Bishop are the most intriguing moments the show has to offer. I'm not sure if this will always be the case (I only watched the pilot episode of the BBC series), but for now, Aidan and Bishop are the most compelling characters on the show.

This week we learned that Bishop turned Aidan into a vampire during the American Revolution. That means, like most TV vamps seeking redemption, Aidan is pretty old. More than 200 years old. This also means Aidan has been working for/living with Bishop for a crazy-long time. This reveal gave Aidan's attempt to separate himself from Bishop more weight. It must be tough for Aidan to leave his old life behind -- a life he's been living for two centuries -- especially when Bishop keeps showing up and waving fresh, lady-shaped meat in his face.

Sally's opening narration reminded us about the major theme of the show: "Some monsters choose to accept what they become. Some don't ... Do you accept what you are or do you refuse? And which is the true curse?" We saw this idea play out with the juxtaposition of Aidan, who is struggling not to murder every attractive woman who comes on to him, and Rebecca (Sarah Allen), who delights in being a murderous monster.

I suppose Bishop's plan with Rebecca was to have her screw up Aidan's friendship with Josh. Not a bad plan, but by episode's end, Josh had a greater appreciation and understanding for Aidan's "condition." Sadly, the whole Rebecca development ended with Elfish Pixie Girl getting her throat ripped out.

Some of the scenes between Aidan and Rebecca were tense and fun to watch, but this story culminated in another eerie and well-acted face-to-face between Aidan and Bishop. "What's it gonna be? Us or them," Bishop asked. Aidan's definitive response: "Maybe I am sentenced to a life in hell with you, but here and now, I choose them."

Josh didn't end up killing his sister, of course. I guess she couldn't figure out that he was a werewolf despite all of his moaning and growling. (So does she think he's just crazy person or a tortured drug addict or something?) Josh's heart-to-heart with lil' sis was a little stilted and awkward, but that was probably by design. We learned a lot about Josh here: he was attacked by another werewolf in the woods, he chose to leave his family behind for good after wolfing out, and he was once engaged to be married. It's likely that the visit from lil' sis was setting up a visit from his fiancé that we'll see play out later this season.

Sally's husband Danny (Gianpaolo Venuta) explained how she died. He said she fell down the stairs in the middle of the night. She couldn't see thanks to the apartment's screwy lighting/electrical situation. Hmmm ... I think there's probably more to it than that. There's a reason why Sally hasn't stepped into the light or whatever, and there's a reason why she doesn't really remember dying.

So is there a chance that Danny could actually "see" Sally? He did kinda sorta seem to feel her presence in the apartment. And he does keep coming around to fix stuff instead of hiring a plumber. Aidan said that the living can sometimes see the dead, but they have to be "open mentally" for that to happen. "Danny's pretty open. He voted for Hilary," Sally said. I don't think that's what Aidan was talking about.

Sally's story -- how she really died, how her "relationship" with Danny will end, how she'll master her ghost-ness -- is still a big mystery. It's not as intriguing as Aidan dealing with Bishop's ever-growing army of vampires, but I'm looking forward to the payoff. Hopefully we'll learn more about Sally and her condition next week when she meets another ghost.

So whaddaya think, folks? Are you sticking around for episode three?

Quotes / Other Thoughts:

• "I believe Dean Cain called it 'kismet.'"

• "Not sure I want to take advice from the man who fell off the wagon and INTO MY NECK!"

• "I'll crap rainbows, I swear to God!"

• So vampires on 'Being Human' don't usually feed on or play nice with werewolves. Big surprise.

• Lil' sis said that Josh's mom might have had a history of mental illness. Was she a wolf too?

• Great music in this episode. I'm still waiting for Syfy to post the playlist.

'Being Human' airs Mondays at 9PM ET on Syfy.

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zombie_man's picture

I love that show, my only prob is they have thos gay songs towards the end, and when I say gay I mean no offense to homosexuals, there just bad songs that don't belong in the show, just like House, those stupid songs at the end ruins the show!

rift267's picture

lol....zombieman is funny....well i caught this eppi and i thought it was good...the story line is picking up...lets see what else it has in store

Buffyhotep's picture

LOL I didnt even notice the songs!

Adom's picture

I'm a fan of the British original, but I'm having trouble seperating that from the American show and getting into it.  I thnk I may wait until season 1 is halfway through and I can hit a marathon.  I'm hoping if I watch 4 or 5 eps in a row I can get a feel for the show as it's own entity.  I've been  hearing really good things so far.

FEARNETadmin's picture

Seems like they are just trying to mess with us a bit.  We have the new US version trying to get its legs under it and this week we find out the the BBC version is going to get to us on a 3 week delay(from england) instead of the normal 6 month delay (starts 2/19 if i am not mistaken). I am not sure what the logic is behind this because both shows are produced by the same people, and syfy (scifi) and bbc are partners.

When i watch the new Being Human I am left with the same feeling that I had when I watched The Walking Dead, the show isn't bad but I know it can be better.

No matter how the syfy show goes, I know that I have something good comeing to bbcamerica in 3 weeks.

widow1331's picture

ZOMBIE_MAN your so funny, politically correcting yourself and all. W.T.F lmao....

well anyways i really like the show i watch it on the weekends at my inlaws, we go up there every weekend . and my boyfriends mom records BEING HUMAN and BONES with her dvr, plus it also comes on sat.night  i think around 10 after  HOUSE on bravo. (direct tv). I think aden is hot, even for a vampire , at least he doesn't sparkle in the sun light . for me if vampires are real that's how i imagen they would be able to fit in like aden does.

Strickenwitluv's picture

i know how you feel. im a big fan of the british original, maybe it can pick up though 

zombie_man's picture

You know, I think that'll turn out that Sallys husband murdered her so he could get life insurane or something, somthing major like that is going to happen. And I am eager to see the werewolf

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