This channel stinks

This channel stinks

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Two things what does have against variety and decent movies? Is it to much to ask that Fearnet actually runs more than one or two decent movies every month?  They should call the channel crapnet on demand because that is all that is ever shown.  When they do show a decent movie like Waxwork it is run every single month.  The same thing with Wolf.  A channel devoted to horror is a good idea and it would be nice if there was another one out there that could show how it should be done.  Start by not showing the same 30 movies the entire year and showing more than 5 decent ones.  2001 maniacs, Strangeland, Waxwork 1 and 2, and Wolf, are on just about every single month- how many times do the people in charge think people can watch these movies?

30 days of Night and the Howling were available for about a week yet 2001 maniacs is available every single month.  Nobody wants to watch that over and over.

Another idea- show actual scary movies.  The name of the channel is called one would think that would mean it would show horror movies only.  I watched the Butterfly Effect 3- not a bad movie but its not a horror movie so why is it on

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HERES APERFECT IDEA!!!!! If you don't like it don't watch it!!!!!!!!!!!! Problem solved

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I dont because there is never anything good on.  I would like to watch it which is my point.  Its an awful pitiful excuse for a channel.

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There are a lot of people who ,like these movies, personally I agree with you for the most, but a lot of peopl like these movies and disagrre with us

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here at fearnet the movies are free ,! for legal reasons fearnet can only show certain movies because of this legislation, !

please dont come here and slate our beloved fearnet ,just ask the question politely and you will be told the facts, by dissing the the whole site , you disrespect the community and staff on the board !!!!!!

calling the site crapnet, really does show the level of your intelligence ,so you best apologies or face the wrath!!!

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every cable channel is guilty of this.  I don't get why anybody pays for the movie channels.  There are a few new movies every month and then all the movies you saw last month.  If you have one of those 5 channel packages, it's the same half dozen movies at different times across those five channels, no matter how much they pretend to be DIFFERNT HBO's or Showtimes, they rotate the movies around.  I suspect it has to do with how the movies are packaged from the distributors and how you can get them cheaper per showing by buying in bulk like with anything else.

I'd love to see Fearnet set up a place for micro-budgeted movies that fall by the wayside.  Maybe some stuff from LBP, Troma, Not for the Squeamish, Brain Damage and all those other buried treasures that would probably be a cheap stream of content to shake things up a bit.

Old series, like Werewolf and The Night Stalker would be nice too.

Give them time to build the original programming though.

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I do agree some of the movies are the great in the world. But the Movies are free and you can't bet that when you get so many movies for nothing and you have it for a month and what it any time you want. Fear net has a lot of great that are really good and the put them on more that once. Like Drive Thru and Unrest. But if you don't like the movies don't watch fear net and watch movies you like to see. Also a lot of people on this site love fearnet and horror so go to some other site if just going to make fun of the fearnet movies and the site.

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The searies Werewolf was a GREAT SHOW!!!! You should show it, I'll even pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish it went through on DVD, but they canceled that at the last miniout. Please consider it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO WATCH (LITTLE Sappy sitting here twiddling her thumbs) here in Sydney can't..its a shame...and dont worry I know why I can't watch any films because I'M not LIVING IN USA...I DID WATCH THE NUN when i was in Hawaii thought that was an AWESOME FILM......XO...But please dont call it CRAPNET........


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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee poor Sappy, poor poor Sappy

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Poor, dear you need comforting?


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