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Hey everyone-   I have been to many concerts over the years, but I still remember my first concert like it were yesterday-   It was at Shea Stadium in Queens, NY ( that stadium no longer exists by the way )  and the the group was  THE WHO.   What an awesome fookin concert- had the best time.  It was in 1982 and I was  young whipper snapper-  only 15 yrs old.  We were in the next to last row up in the nose bleed seats- but they had a big screen that you could watch.  There was an electricity in the air and the crowd was stomping there feet-  I remember the roar of that sound of feet stomping.  I dont remember every concert that well-  but this one will always be ingrained in my memory

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Dont remember the first, I will always remember the last. Watched the very fantastic EAGLES put on a great show for their HELL FREEZES OVER TOUR.

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Because the Beatles were sold out I mised out on that as my first concert!! As I recall the cheapest tickets were $5.00.  Got talked into to going to see The Dave Clark Five. Would have prefered going to see the Beatles!  My second concert was The Everly Brothers. This was many, many years ago.


lol. I STILL like the DAVE CLARK FIVE.

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HF-  I KNEW YOU WERE GONNA SAY THE EAGLES !!!  They are awsome and I wish I saw them.  This is one of my fav songs by them:


I have a FEW, lol, but the top ones are DESPERADO, TAKE IT EASY, PEACEFUL EASY FEELING. My biker days.

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kashmir is awesome, but i also love immigrant song and when the levy breaks (no katrina pun intended).

I may be the only guy that when he thinks of zeplin he dosent think of stairway, i think immigrant song.  Don't know why, just the music that comes into my had when you say the name.

Also cant forget The Battle of Evermore, misty mountain, going to california, good times bad times,.........i should stop now because i will continue to just name the good songs which means i will name damn near everthing thing they did in the 70's (69 also, don't be a stickler for those details)

my best bands of all time are The beatles and Led Zeplin, and as counter intuitive as it sounds, i am happy i never saw the beatles will never be spoiled. they ramain forever young for me....i actually turn off things that paul plays these days, i don't want to see you at 65, i want to keep you at 25

Though i liked the page/plant show, i knew it wasn't what i would have scene 20 years earlier.   But i saw it, so i have that going for me.


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I remember my first orgy, what, wait, what are we talking about??

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my first concert was at age 15, it was the headbangers ball tour in Dallas Tx.





was and awesome i'll never forget

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ADMIN:   I am like you-  Stairway to Heaven is a great song, but not the first that comes to mind when i think of Zep either.  Kashmir is only one of my fav songs by them-  I also really like  "THANK YOU".  I need to find pics of myself when i was like 15-16.  I wore a denim jacket covered with buttons of all rock bands and the back of my jacket had the ROLLING STONES  tongue painted on it.  God I wish I still had that jacket!  But if i find any pics of me as a young whipper snapper with that jacket, I WILL put them up on the FEAR.

ZM-  WOW !!!  very funny arent we !  Having orgies now?  I didnt think that sensitive, eccenrite writers would do something like that !  LMAO !

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I saw Yes, Jefferson,Starship, Gary Wright, etc. @ JFK stadium in Phila back in 1976, I think. There were a lotta people there...


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