Let Me In.

Let Me In.

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Saw this over the weekend and loved it!

Stayed pretty true to the original, I might have to get the book and read it.

Had the young lady from the Kick Ass movie I thought she did a wicked great job in her part, I love the story how it is not the usual hollyweird glammed up vampire.  The story seemed to make it a dirty cursed existance. Great job to the actors and director!!!

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Havn't seen the movie yet, but I want to. I thought Chloe Moretz was awesome in 'Kick-Ass'. Anyway, I always felt that being a vampire was a cursed existence, and I can NOT see why anybody would want to be one. A lot of people seem to be fixated on vampires and would love to be one, but no one thinks about the downside. You'd never be able to enjoy the sun again, taking romantic walks, holding hands on a summer day-putting on make-up or shaving would be difficult without a reflection in the mirror-you wouldn't be able to eat garlic (which I love) Plus..you're DEAD!! You're just a re-animated corpse being kept 'alive' by parasites in your blood. What kind of a life is THAT? Anyone that is fascinated by vampires and wants to be one really needs to take all this into consideration.

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sorry guys but this movie was a fookin load of sheet !!!, no way as good as the original and even thought the original was sheet, proper lovey fest fookin bored the tears out of me , but hey what the fook do i know !!!!!!

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Duh if u are lucky enough to become a twilight(by the way I thought it sucked) vampire u get to sparkle, duh.

Plus you get really cool powers.....


I got no preference. I liked both versions. PREFERRED the POOL SCENE from the original but I thought the Hammer version was better acted.

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I guess the powers are what most people think about when they want to become a vampire. But those powers don't matter when you're STILL dead!! Werewolves have the REAL power. A true shapeshifter can change any time they want-night or day (no full moon crap) so if they want to live a normal life for years without changing, they can. Plus, you're still alive! You don't have the restrictions that a vampire has-and you get to live a normal life. Plus, you can still die normally. (That 'silver bullet' stuff is all Hollywood) and werewolves are not immortal-you can grow old and die. So if you ask me, being a werewolf is the way to go.

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stephen king hails it as the best american horror movie in the last 20 years.

although its apparent mr king hasnt seen much horror lately with victims on my watch list like feast quarantine and atleast 5000 others i would have to say this quote alone almost turned me away, but having read mr. kings work in my younger years i had to see if he still knew what he was talking about( times have changed) so i thought about his past work and picked it up.

what i saw watching this movie was thrilling  i couldnt stop watching sure it was slow going, and lacked in gore, all the things that make horror well horror, but it was amazing. i can see a sequel, maybe even a trillogy or prequel, and i find myself wanting it all. more of this story would be great watch it, seriously.


Not casting aspersions, but King is wrong if that quote is correct. (Im not a King fan though I like some of his work) LET ME IN is NOT American. It is a production of the recently revived, and in my eyes, legendary HAMMER STUDIOS, which is BRITISH. It IS a good movie.

I know I know, someone HATES remakes. Still a good movie.

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dident like way to slow,,,,,,,,,,,,

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i own this movie and after watching the original and for the second time( ok maybe i fell asleep a few times) the HAMMER remake i found it to be one of my top picks to watch right now. Those kids did awsome job i think, but i also am partial to all things Hammer. they did a great job translating this movie. again just my opinion!Laughing  OOOOh that pool scene was my favorite!

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Maybe I'll watch it.


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