The Social Media Massacre: The Series

The Social Media Massacre: The Series

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Hi there!

I am the writer/director of The Social Media Massacre, which went from short film to web series. Here is the newest episode of the series for your viewing. Thanks!



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so, is that it !, what do you want me to say , 'yeah mate that was amazing'!!!

well i am not,,, that was terrible ron you should put that camera of yours down , and go make a cheesecake!!!

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Well you get an E for EFFORT and I am most sure that practice makes perfect, so trott off and make us that cheese cake please, but seriously if this is your dream keeping working at it

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I'm not one to tear people down who trying to accomplish something, but I have to agree, this needs more work.  Most of the dialogue is cliche', including the "you don't have to do this" line, from what I can tell, the girl was pissed because the tied up chick wouldn't be her "friend" on facebook or whatever, which screams high school to me.  I'm sure you were limited by what was available to you, but the kill would've more effective with a throat slash since you doing the "web cam" thing.

Again dude, keep trying, I'm not going to say what you're doing is completely pointless, because everyone starts somewhere.  I know how hard it is to even pick up a camera and attempt something, but I guess my advice is don't feel you have to fall victim to quick and simple just because you want to put something out there. 

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