Check out this awesome clip of The Walking Dead - From Comic to TV - FEARnet

Check out this awesome clip of The Walking Dead - From Comic to TV - FEARnet

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yeah a lotta fun!!! , yeah thats what they were having filming it, bunch of ass wipes, the series though wernt fun at all more of a boring humdrum here we go again see it a million times b4 snore fest !!!

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Well Carpy- i must STRONGLY DISAGREE with you about the walking dead tv series.  You are probably the ONLY person who thought it wasnt good.  I loved it and cant wait for it to start again. Sorry Mate-


This pic has nothing to do with zombies- I just like it - it is Homer with Mick and Keith from the Rolling Stones- my fav group

homer simpson with Mick and Keith.jpg

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its alright , i suppose it dint just live up to my highly sophisticated kind of zombie film, its more for all you horror loving series psychos!!!, me i am just not into the whole series thing it weighs it right out becomming so long winded and bla bla bla !!!LOL

If they had just wacked in to a 2 hour flick , say like a 28 days style , i mean it pretty much started like it anyhow, so why not just carry on like that instead of 60 episodes of walking dead slow moving dinlos!!!!lol

sorry but i hated it wanted to kick the telly in LOL!!!!!!!!LMAO jokingzbg 

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I sount like pretty shitty, god I hate my voice

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ZM love your reply!

I am not familaur with the Comic but HF turned me onto it very goooooood! I personally love the show it has a great plot line wonderful acting.

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nice, friendly up !!

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WOOT the walking dead is AWESOME!!!

Can't wait for the next season!! WOOT

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