Post Mortem with William Friedkin

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Mick Garris one of the sci-fi and horror genres favorite producers, writers and directors and the creator of such chilling series as the award-winning anthology Masters of Horror -- goes one-on-one with the biggest names in horror for provocative and insightful conversations.

Post Mortem with William Friedkin

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Mick sits down for a chat with Billy "The Exorcist" Friedkin starting March 14th

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you think they will talk much about the exorcist!!!LOL


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Yes they do talk about The Exorcist,  but the reason I added that into his name was I fear that there are many people out there that wouldn't know who William Friedkin is.


Side note, this guy is seriously INTENSE......not in a bad way, just really intense.

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I've heard this guy likes to spring surprises on the public while filming and also not get clearance for things. His classic car chase scene from 'The French Connection' involved REAL traffic and REAL drivers! It wasn't choreographed, they filmed the chase on the streets of San Francisco without preparing OR getting permission to do it. He also directed the thriller 'Jade' with David Caruso and staged a car chase scene during the chinese new year parade-so the people you see climbing on Caruso's car and beating the windshield are REAL people on the street and not paid extras!


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@Spookster that is not correct. the French Connection chase was filmed in New York not San Francisco (that was Bullitt) and Mr. Friedkin and his crew staged most of the scenes and used professional stunt drivers like the great late Bill Hickman who also did Bullitt and Seven Ups. the only scene that wasn't staged was the point of view scene where the camera was mounted on the front of the car and you can see the vehicles passing by under the railway bridge. but even there Bill Hickman drove the car.



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That sounds fantastic. The Exorcist ranks up top on my list of great and landmark horror films. I get very agitated when people say that it "isn't scary". What I find annoying about thit is that horror fans need to have perspective on where the genre comes from, its origins and progression. How can one fully appreciate it without a sound knowledge of this? 

Anyway, I'm blabbing, Friedkin=Horror Hero


Flexable, 'aint she?

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