They are actually making SEX BOTS!!!!! NO AIDS, NO PREGO, NO SYPHALIS, but there will be herpees

They are actually making SEX BOTS!!!!! NO AIDS, NO PREGO, NO SYPHALIS, but there will be herpees

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Well alrighty then! Smile

Now explain to me why no other STD but herpies yes?

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Yeah, that weirds me out too

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Its a bit of a quagmire.......

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Giggity Goo

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Yes I know this already-  I saw a show on the Discovery Channel about it.  It is pretty sick and creepy.  There was this guy on there who said he prefers sex dolls ( or bots )  to real women-  HOW PATHETIC !  He said that way he cant get hurt by being rejected, or have his heart broken and that they are always "COMPLIANT"-  that is just sick !!  But they are pretty realistic and  there are Many varities. This other  guy in the video is a piece of shit and the girlfriend is a SUCKER !     Well-  to each his own i guess   Yell


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Ha! Ha! Sign me up, I will take two. I am going to have to sale my car, my tv, my x box, and maybe even my cat. It would be funny if this thing came preprogrammed to say things like, not right now honey i have a headache, and thats the wrong hole assface. If you could just get one to wash the dishes and cook we would have it made.

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I saw this on Discovery too.  It was a weird show but hilariously funny.  Wondering whats wrong with people? Those fat people pretending to be robots through fake hypnosis took the cake too.  Then there was the pilot robot, that the creator said would break someone until they got it fixed.  But the most f***ed part was that robot that sat in the chair and could only turn it's head and looked all creepy like the beginning of one of the "Scary Movie" series, where that chick that was with Pam Anderson got all mutated and lost her head.  The robot looked like a cracked out, badly dressed clown type tranny.  It was scary.


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Yeah that guy is prolly a serial killer.......

They girlfriend will wind up dead........

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Well the actual men spending $15,000 on slightly spasmatic and contorted mannequins, did seem pretty odd.  I think it would be different for the people that are into that stuff, if the thing (rubber chick) was like an android that seemed exactly real.  NASA could make a fortune if they could design something like that.

I watched "Circuitory Man" this morning on Fearnet since they are back on cable here. And it was almost like a robot love story of sorts (human / robo relationships).  There were these two robot dudes that looked like real guys (accept one dude was like an evil Max Hedrome with plug intakes all over his bald head. The acting was horrible but I thought it was kind-of a cool plot, for a PG rated, sci-fi robot romance. 

The only classic line was at the very end when the evil robot said "Why Jack-Off, when you can jack-in?"


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