a Night in the Asylum

a Night in the Asylum

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There's a long thin crack in all reason and sanity
A slow, aching thing that plagues all of my internal organs
Prohibiting their function, inflaming my IBS, raising my bile levels
To extreme levels undreamt of by those with healthy, unemotional esophagi

I can't tell you just how I feel because, to be honest, I dont' know myself
Figuratively and literally
And on all levels, all fantasy, fiction, and painful existances
Driving to someplace that I don't want to be
Being somebody I don't want to be.
But who do I wanna' be?

No answer to this question that I can see
No inspirational, flowery poetry
So emo, so emo, so conditional

How can I give an answer when I don't what the question is?
My cells are cursed by my own genetics
I linger in a far off room, surrounded by AA books and fun size Butterfingers
Hey, I thought we couldn't bring outside food in.

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There is such turmoil in this, and it's so blunt and upfront, the physical descriptions in the first four lines are brutally honest, I can really feel the discomfort. Then later "how can I give an answer when I don't know what the question is"..I think we've all felt this way before.

Really beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)


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The stern, cold realization of one's captivity as it slowly drowns you without any remnants of remorse or pity. Very nicely done.

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This is a true horror poem because it portrays discomforts that many people deal with every day. Nice work.


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