Take It, From One Whom Knows

Take It, From One Whom Knows

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The Hardships imposed by Authoritarian scopes.

Weighed with heavy abscess of thoughts.

But, an obiter-dictum of Loose terms.

Casual, illustrative perephrasis.

Coupled with Idioms, Passed by the idiot.

Whose interpretation, Is indication.

That the mode of thought,

Was, just then ill-fought.

Vigor, Vitality.  None the Less.


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Whats wrong with Authoritarians?

Social conservatives aren't a bad thing.

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Sometimes the best things in life happen by accident. Laughing

Thanks! My obsession with funny cat pics seems to be growing. But i feel a certain kinship with the little kitties. Maybe i use to be a cat in another life lol. Or maybe i just wish i was one now lmao. A nice spoiled house cat...  

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lol...good ones there...and yeah i can see that its growing..i see lol cats everywhere

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Hey if you ever see too many just say "hey Dita enough pussy already!" Laughing

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lol...i dont think that is possible...but ok

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You know normally people who try this hard to sound smart, simply aren't.

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Anyone remember who the "former member" was? I HAVE kept out of many a conversation because they seem to be the "experiment" of jackasses who like to "stir the pot" and sit back and observe. In real life, its just a matter of time before someone gives them a rap in the beak.

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lmmfao!!! damn dita ur on a roll today...man that made me laugh

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i believe it was bootsngin?


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