Take It, From One Whom Knows

Take It, From One Whom Knows

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The Hardships imposed by Authoritarian scopes.

Weighed with heavy abscess of thoughts.

But, an obiter-dictum of Loose terms.

Casual, illustrative perephrasis.

Coupled with Idioms, Passed by the idiot.

Whose interpretation, Is indication.

That the mode of thought,

Was, just then ill-fought.

Vigor, Vitality.  None the Less.


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So this is what the "master race" calls a discussion. If it keeps you happy in your little world, then you surely MUST do it. Its amusing to think that some thought they actually accomplished something as they watched others respond to their proddings. For some too dumb to realize they are looking in a mirror and wasting time. Guess it makes them smile smugly and mumble AHA to themselves and go back to their tissues and vaseline.INTERNET TROLLS MUST DIE

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I TRY TO GET IT, but there are SO MANY letters in the words to read, ah, oh, eh your not talking to me, my bad

Tongue out

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Wow... just wow...


Like talking ta a wall that thinks its smart. I am outta here.

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Wait hun, take me with you!!! Its getting too crazy even for me! 


Ok my sweet D. . . . . . but I move FAST !


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I read the whole thread! And I have to say Dita you are my girl! I have never laughed and enjoyed you so much! Your quick girl! Wink

Now what was this discussion about? Smart people and were we told "Fuck Yall?" Not today dude you dont come into our home and shit on the floor not cool and if you think that makes me dumb because I dont get it than you can

kiss-my-ass.jpgOne good fuck you deserves another

For the spammers

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Are these two ''members'' Buttsngin and homolikesit bat shit crazy or what? Not sayin just sayin..




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