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Saw this over the weekend....what an amazing load of crap......Has a District 9 feel to it, except it is set on the border of USA and Mexico with a big assed wall between USA and Mexico......the area in between was the "quarintine zone"

Was very anti alien except the aliens were actual aliens.1/2

Would like to give it less than a 1/2 star

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I somewhat agree.  But I have a totally diff. taste in horror, then most. Sometimes I like boring movies.

This one started out strong, but only had a couple of really cool action scenes to it.  If I would've seen it for free, I'd say it's not a bad movie for me.  But to pay to rent it, it just could've had more scary parts considering how much money it took to even make the movie.  I understand building on a plot, but lets face it, if this is supposed to be an alien version of Juras...Park, then there could have been more action.

Again, I didn't think it was horrible.  I just think that by shelling out $$$$ to see it, it could have been better. 


LOL. I wish I could agree but I didnt pay for it and found it totally boring. The only good scene was in the trailer with the alien in the water with the aircraft. Not only that but the aliens were walking Octopusssses. . . . . . Octopussies. . . . . . . Octopi ?. . . . . . . . Big whoop ! BORING. Not only that, it turns out it wasnt even MEANT to be a monster movie but a "relationship" movie with a monster background. FAIL !! Seen stupid cop buddy movies that bonded the two characters together better than THIS flick did.Just a forgettable waste of time. Just my opine.

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