What will The Walking Dead Season 2 hold for us?

What will The Walking Dead Season 2 hold for us?

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I haven't read the volumes and have no idea of what is in season 2, could anyone give me a little insight into it? 

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If you are talking about the series on AMC I did all the recaps you can read them there and Im not sure but if you netflix  you may be able to stream them, you can find the recaps under TV here on the message boards

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I will watch season 2. It was well done. I hope next season moves at a little faster pace & meet back up with the Black Guy & his son-can't remember their names. Maybe a little more Zombie interaction. Was good but could be better.  Kitty Vampire!

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Well the problem with the first season is that it started alot of things (Like conflict and stuff) but never really finished them. In the second season we will meet back with Merle (The man who chopped of his own arm) we will also meet back wth Morgan and his son Duane (The father and son who saved Ricks life) and the secret affair with Shane and Lori (Rick's old partner and his wife) I hope they add more zombie scenes too. I think the begining episodes were great! But I believe it all went down hill when he found his family. After that it just got boring. But I do not work on the set nor do I work on the scripts, so with that in mind I may be completely wrong about everything. Only time will tell.

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To be honest -- I did not know about this series, but I did watch one called The night of the walking dead (movie). Did they have anything in common?!  Seriously want to know.      Maybe Think of another movie name- not sure.    But, I do know that  I love Zombie movies!!!

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 I'm not really sure. But, i can't wait to see it! I'm in no doubt that next season will be good like last season. The guy that took him in his house and his son should definitly be revealed in the second season. Also, i wouldn't be surprised if Shane and Richard have a fallout resulting Shane's death. But, he'll probably get a heroic death even he though he was a douche bag to Richard's wife.

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anyone actually read the comics? because thats what I'm excited about vol. 14 coming out what what!

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The new season should  start in september i think.


Next season starts on AMC on HALLOWEEN. 2011.


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