Anything but that!

Anything but that!

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For a man the one of the hardes things to watch for me is a castration. What's everyones opinion on what's the best and word castration scenes? Or best revenge scenes in general?

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  In the movie "Antichrist", the best i can remember the girl didn't cut off Willem Dafoe's dick. She just bashed it with a log and beat it off till blood squirted out. However she did cut off her pu**y lips with a pair of sciccors. That was pretty intense.

  I seen a preview for a movie the other day that looked amazing. It think it was called "A Day of Violence." The preview showed the castration, well the part where his dick got cut off, i don't know what happened after that, but i am sure it is going to be amazing.

  I have seen "I Spit on Your Grave." Well the original one, i haven't got to see the remake yet. I really don't remember much about it though, I was only about twelve or so when i watched it. I think that is why i am so fucked in the head. Oh well.

  I know that i have seen a few more scenes of castration, but i just can't recall them right now.



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