Forget 2010. What good movies have you seen recently?

Forget 2010. What good movies have you seen recently?

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Just wondering what good movies you guys and gals have seen recently, no matter what year they came out.  Looking for suggestions that don't have to be horror movies, just what you've seen lately that you really liked (though I'm a horror buff). 

 And please try not to criticize others on choice of movies worth mentioning, because for some there's merit in even movies that don't make sense to others (like Troma filmsFrown).

Mine are:

"13 Moons": It's a drama with Steve Buscemi that brings together several sep. personal stories into a working whole, on a night that everything goes wrong. Reminds me a lot of Mojave Phone booth, 11:15 (not sure on that title with Patrick S.) and Midnight clear.  Wish I could find more like this. "13 Moons" has clowns, priests, rappers, bail-bondsmen and Peter Stormare as a crack-head, including many other characters.

"Jesus Son": An independent drama with Jack Black.  May seem boring to others but is about a drug addict who tries to change his ways.

"Taxidermia": I think this is a Hungarian film.  Borderline drama / horror about some dude who gets nasty with something nastier, an over-eater / champion eater who gets stuffed, and a final touch of taxidermy that's over the top artistic, so much so, that someone loses their head.  It's basically the story of 3 generations of these people and told in the final minutes as a total artistic end to a means, in life.

"Sheitan": Who knew the French were so good at horror!  It's not your typical slasher film, but has many of the same elements.  If you have doubts about this movie, just see it.  I loved it.  Stars a few woman hungry men in a strange place, a pregger drag queen, crazy scary hippies and creepy dolls.  I feel bad for the guy who should be typically the hero in this scenerio.

"7 Days To Live":  A mild haunted house movie but not a bad watch.  New mansion, alcoholic writer, country setting, know the drill.

"Spiral": Most would consider it boring but it's more or less a psychological thriller, where a telemarketer / artist, has some issues with social anxiety.  He's passed off as just having emotional problems but maybe it's more than that?

"Love Object": Psych Thriller / Drama (maybe even horror?).  See other posts about "sex dolls".  Again another button down worker spirals out of control with obsession and this time it includes a rubber doll.  May be boring to some but kind-of a cool ending.

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    TAXIDERMIA was good, but as I'm finding out here on FN I guess I'm a bit of an "art-fag". [sorry about the terminology, could'nt think of a better word].

Here it goes anyway...

    WE ARE WHAT WE ARE- It's cool to see more horror from Mexico.

    DEFILED- Cool indie that could run as a companion piece to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.[ natch, if not for that stupid car....]

    THE BLEEDING HOUSE- Thriller/shocker with a poetic edge.

    TRICK R TREAT-Hell-to-the-yeah!

    A SERBIAN FILM- I don't care what anybody says, this is one hell of a movie.


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Thanks, just added those to my list!  If your really open about art films with a horror twist, you should check out "Aftermath" by Nacho Cerda.  Believe it or not, the full-movie (Italian / Unrated Version) on (if it's still there) has way more sickening parts, then what's available for rent.  Not sure why that is. It's pretty much a silent movie, aside from background music and noise etc.


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Thanks man, I'll check it out. By the by, you got it backwards; I like HORROR films with an artsy twist...ha ha! Well I really like most horror movies, just getting sick of the Same Old, Same Old. Ya know, creepy little kids, emo vampires, sexy werewolves, hipster home invaders, and, I'm almost afraid to admit it...but I think I'm getting sick of zombies. I'll work on that.


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Your not the only one who's sick of certain movies.  But there are some real gems out there.  Personally, I've never seen any of the emo teenage popular vampire series or anything like that.  I love horror, but not enough to pay money to watch something that might not be exciting, though in the search to find any great movies, I have to wade through a lot of stuff that wasn't that great in the process.

"Aftermath" is a little twisted.  It's about a morgue attendent / pathologist, who likes poloroids and women without a pulse.  I was amazed when I found a diff. version of it on youtube (that was actually more detailed though the recapture of the quality of the film, was lacking at best), but if you have Netflix instant viewing, it's on that list too.

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"Confessions of A Porn Addict" was a dry comedy / mockumentary about a man that is addicted to porn and seeks help, only after his wife leaves him and he becomes arrested after jacking-off at a video store.  The movie is fairly slow at times, but follows this guy through the recovery process.  The main character goes to a "Porn Addict Anonymous" class, gets a sponsor and then finds out that his ex-wife is in some crazy porn film with a guy in a rabbit suit.  So then our seemingly normal addict goes on a mission with his sponsor, to find his missing wife and try to win her back.  And this mission leads him deep into the heart of Hollywoods B-list Porn atmosphere, with camera men and sponser in tote.

The movie isn't hilarious, it's an indie film, but it does have it's moments and is not a bad watch, if nothing else is on. 

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 "Shrooms" A couple of no-good kids go to Scotland (or Ireland... same thing to me.) to do shrooms. Don't ask me why they felt the need to leave the country to do it. But thier party starts being taken out in a systematic elimination.(The usual way of horror movies) There's a twist at the end but it's an easy guess if you put your mind to it. It had some humorous pars too. For instance, a talking cow. But I wont spoil it for you.

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Thanks about the info on "Shrooms."  I'm still looking for more suggestions on horror or I may be finding myself watching episodes of Mr. Bean on Netflix.Embarassed

I did watch "Skyline" and thought it was great until the end.  Now I'm waiting, waiting and waiting for a sequel to find out what happens.


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hi you have probaly seen the following films but just incase you havent i will continue-

check out the french films frontiers/martyrs & inside for extreme violence! also check out a asian film called meatgrinder i have also really enjoyed norwegian films cold prey 1-3 & dead snow.

american films check out hatchet 2/trailer park of terror/from within/the signal/orphan/loved ones/dagon/train & feast

uk films have a look at descent 2 & dog soldiers

the above films are a nice mix i hope there are a few on the list you havent seen if you need more films contact me & i will try & help youSmile


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