Off topic, I think the mailman is still afraid of me

Off topic, I think the mailman is still afraid of me

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I haven't been on for awhile and yes, if you're a FearNet O.G. then you know about the poem: "Mailman from Hell."

I think he's still afraid of me.  The weather is now getting warmer (lol about as warm as it can get when you live in a f-ed up state).  Anyways, when I was walking my cat on a leash, I told him "the cat is scared of people, any people, other than me, please don't approach me etc."  Why does nobody listen? What if I was a leper or had swine flu? There are no special deliveries in this house, and if there were, it should be delivered by U.P.S. or otherwise left on the door-step. 

A word to the wise, don't approach a cat that is on a leash.  They get pissed, they only cooperate with their owners and God forbid there is a pesky bird, old-lady, mailman and for the love of all things holy; do not (I repeat) do not, bring children around.   I myself, healed very quickly, when the cat attacked me (which it does outside when it is scared).

Cat's on a leash, is not what nature intended for these cuddly / soft but horrific creatures that live for the thrill of the hunt. Somehow though,  the local county gov't and housing officials have decided that this was a good idea, to ticket people who have free-range-kitties in certain suburbs.  Really, I could give a shit about that law. What I don't want, is for my cat to get rabies, run-over by a car, FIV or the herp. from some spastic mongoloid that may be passing through. I'd rather be in the backwoods.

It offends me that normal intelligent human beings, can't get a gov't job. But when you tell someone it would be good and best for the entire household, for someone who's on the timer of a job and actually has supervisors, to ultimately leave you alone because you have a scared animal with you, why is it then that they approach you? I don't mean to be rude, but I have no time for small talk, when I've got claws hanging off my breasts, and I'm trying to keep my cat from being murdered by ______(fill in the blank or on the street).... ok.

Does anyone else have this problem?  I can understand old people not getting it (not getting the message right away) because they are at a distance when they approach you, and perhaps they can't hear so well, while your pealing a cat off your scalp because someone violated the "comfort zone," by coming too close.

Cat found (repost)


Pet Cemetery (church)Bad Kitty


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I really want to train my cats on a leash, but Stink is such an ASS!!!! How do you train cats for that??


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That was an awesome video.  First I've been able to watch of yours.  Hmmm.  With short-hair cats like Stink it's easier to work with, their hair doesn't always get caught in the buckle of the harness (like long hair cats) and you'll need a buckle harness. Velcro, rips free when they get scared.  Instead of a cat harness, I use a small dog harness because my last cat, (that passed awayFrown was huge).  I'm guessing Stink is going to get that way too (big healthy cat). Don't fret. Pretty big cats are adorable.

I'll have to e-mail you some pics of a short-hair with a small dog leash (not mine because he layed down in all the photos and now I've got a long hair and you cant see where to place and or where to adjust the leash). But ask the pet-store people about the harness, if they seem retarded then I'll try to send you a pic of my room-mates cat because he's short hair, so you can see where the straps go.  If you buy a leash from the pet-store and your cat is getting big, try to figure on buying a small dog harness (which is about between 15-30+ lbs).  It fits better and will last longer and supports them more then a neck harness.  It almost has to be a body harness.

They (the straps) don't always go where you'd expect, believe it or not (you can't always figure the legs go here or there on a harness, but you really have to ask a professional). If in doubt, I'll try to send you some pics.  And believe it or not, cat's are like horses, they'll bloat up just to get away when you strap them in and try to find or get a loose strap.  I keep my new cat loose (in the straps when outside) if only because she's so uncomfortable, but I don't kid myself,, if they want to get loose they do and like the blog above, they get scared of people outside, so stay away from people or traffic. Even if they (cat's) really like people inside a house, they do extremely freak outside.

Some people raise their cat's on a harness since birth.  I don't believe in that, they can't jump, poop or eat right inside and it makes them mean.  If you have a cat newly training (at any age) then the most important thing (again) is to stay away from traffic, threats like climbing tree's, dive bombing birds, noisy neighbors, most def. kids, old people etc. 

At first, try just walking them a short distance each day with the harness / leash (walk very close to the nearest entrance to your house).  If they get scared, you have to pick them up and bring them inside right away (pick them up by the front, under their front legs!!, like dangling the back legs and ribs or they will fuck you up if scared, seriously).  Once you do that and get them inside......, ply them with the best food, catnip, treats etc.  That will help them remember it's ok to come inside when bad shit goes down and they will believe the leash isn't such a bad thing and being home is even better.


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