Season 1

Season 1

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My buddy bought the first season on Blu-Ray and after watching a few episodes together, I'd have to say its a very smart modern zombie apocalypse series and is better than alot of the more recent Romero flicks such as "Survival of the Dead" or any of the other "Interchangeable Titles of the Dead". I think this is the direction these types of ideas should be going, more in the 'series' or 'anthology' path and less of the "Lets pump out progressively crappier generic seen-it-all-before zombie flicks to please the teen demographic". Also, with rumors of horror icon Stephen King set to pen an episode in the ever-advancing second season, this makes the franchise even more promising.   

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One the reasons I think The Walking Dead (TV show and books) is so awesome, is because the series deals with what happens to people when they are alone and surrounded by dispair and death. It deals more with what happens to humanity after the zombie apocalypse rather than the zombies themselves. All the emotion is really well portrayed by the actors (and the artist of the book), such as 


The death of Amy, (i think that's her name). The show does her death really well, and her eventual reanimation aswell. It shows human nature, (not wanting to let go) through her sister, who doesn't want to believe that she is going to be a zombie/dead. 



Overall, the show and books are really great, and one of the best shows/comics on the market right now. Can't wait for season two, especially if Stephen King has something to do with it! 

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I agree. Its the interactions between the well-drawn out characters and the almost intimate relationship you can sence with them that makes the characters seem like more than characters. 

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Maybe I missed something but when is Season 2 supposed to start?  Again at Halloween?

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I have to say this show is better then a alot of the  zombie movies out there. I would actually prefer to watch the show over any zombie movies that i have seen?

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