Hatchet II Ending

Hatchet II Ending

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* Spoilers...... Obviously*

Okay so, at the end of it when Marybeth (Danielle Harris ftw!) finally freaking OBLITERATES Victor Crowley in a wholly-satisfying mess of blood and gore, well does anybody know a greater ending? I mean she just keeps hitting him seemingly endlessly as you watch, both satisfied and slightly mortified as this little lady destroys the killer.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC48W6kURMY 

*End of Spoilers* 


Other than that, this film has a pretty interesting cast featuring the likes of Tony Todd (Candyman) Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Sequels) and of course Danielle Harris (Recent Halloween Films). 

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I didnt care much for II. I liked the first one a lot. The idea that he effortlessly fights big ugly strong dudes one minute and has a hard time with the TINY beauty is laughable and some of his kills, while gory are simply beyond rational. He might as well have worn a cape or choked someone with a strand of spaghetti. I understand suspension of belief but. . . .  There was plenty of gore but they turned it into a schlock fest and made it too unbelievable. Again, the first was old school mint. Just my opinion.HATCHET 1 . . . HATCHET 2

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