Songs that SHOULD be in horror movies?

Songs that SHOULD be in horror movies?

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Have you ever heard a song and thought, that would be so great in a horror movie?

I've always thought Guns N Roses, "Welcome to the Jungle" would be great in a movie trailer

"Tyler" by the Toadies is another good one.

"The End" by Blue October is pretty much a horror movie within itself.

- Priscilla


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The song "Dead and Lonely" by Tom Waits would be great and fitting..

Another one is "I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen.. Would be perfect for a stalker movie..



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Hellhammer- Triumph Of Death

Obituary- Chopped In Half

Slayer- God Hates Us All

Celtic Frost- Necromantical Screams

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i am a big fan of eurodance music so when i am watching a horror movie, i have eurodance music playing in the background. i love friday the 13th so i think devil by a group called 666 should play through the whole movie or at least when he is walking through the woods or killing someone. here is the song if you have never heard it.




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