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This bogus movie about a model getting kidnapped by some saddistic killer. I know, I know, it sounds interesting. But the ending was, how can I say.... Stupid. Some cool gore in there for those who like watching young women engourge shredded human remains. But if you're looking for a movie to shake you to the core, skip over this'n. 

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Ya the first part when he captured her got knda gross for a minute, then it became predictable and not as cool. It was an alright late-night-waiting-to-fall-asleep type movie I suppose, you don't expect too much from em' but they are more entertaining than whats on TV! haha.


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Ahhhh Captivity, the film that could have been :P Lol

This film is below average unfortunatley :( it started ok and it has the potential but for me it was a wee bit predictable a bit of a collector 1965 rip off or something.

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