devil child !?

devil child !?

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found my self  uneasy , writhing in my sleep, thinking about how ,what i was going to do , could not control my thoughts, did not want to control my thoughts, my heart started pounding , i jumped up out of bed , and ran down stairs to the kitchen cupboard , pulled out the sharpest bread knife, went and got me car keys , and off i went !.

Half a mile down the road, i slammed on the brakes , it was 3 in the morning, and dark as treacle , i am sweating like fuck, and shaking like a leaf, what am i doing, you know what your doing keep going dont stop , my thoughts compel me ,, i hit the accelerator, and reach my destination.

This is it , this is why i am here, i can do it , its a piece of piss, never mind the consequences, just do IT!!!,,, i grit my teeth hard , and grab my knife, i open my car door and proceed to the back entrance, i break the glass, and un lock the door, I am in , here we go , up the stairs i go , as quiet as a mouse, i open the door to find him lying there , how innocent he looks , but how evil he is , the devil child upon us , make no question of that , !!! I reach up high with my knife, i begin to plunge down with terror, his eyes open wide, and i jump back in FEAR, he stands before me, eyes dripping with blood, is this the boy I brought up ???, he tells me STOP, why are you doing this, No I cry u are evil , straight through the heart i plunge the knife , no crying from my boy, he looks at me with no pain , and tells me he is sorry , his mum bursts in and throws me out and i sit there on the porch  waiting for the police, i have done right , i know i have , my son you are so bright !!


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Is this supposed to be set up like a poem? Or did you just use crazy run on sentences on purpose? Reminds me of The Omen kind of.


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