Carrion Comfort

Carrion Comfort

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So I started the thread on "Drood" awhile back and now I'm currently reading "Carrion Comfort" from Dan Simmons, same author. This was his second novel, and its really good. I'm about 160 pages into it and its a fairly thick book, running at about 750 pages. Its a book about the nature of violence, and explores how anyone can commit truely horrible acts of violence towards others, using the "Holocaust" as the pinnicale of mankind's most violent act. It offers a question of what if our species were not fully responsible for our violent acts, but that there were a small group of clairvoyants who had the ability to get into the mind of anyone, and use them as a weapon to commit violence against others. It uses real historic events of such as The Holocaust and the assassination of JFK. Its dark and unsettling. I would not say I'm scared of the book, but it takes a lot to make me feel unsettled by a piece of writing, and there have been times where I felt unsettled. This of course is not a full review by any means, but being less then 200 pages into it and its already made quite an impression on me. And if you need more of a reccomendation there is a blurb from Stephen King "Carrion Comfort is one of the three greatest horror novels of the twentieth century. Simple as that."

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I was never a big fan of Simmons, his work always seemed to drag a little slow for my taste. Carrrion Comfort was good though, but I think he hit his peak with The Song of Kali.

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