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alrite "fearnet" so here's my next rekomendation 4 the "on demand" department....

so "i spit on your grave" is hands down 1 of the better movies i've c'n as of lately ~ (quik run dwn) this lady goes to cabin in tha middle of the blair witch forest (lol) 2 write a book & gets raped by sum hillybilly locals & then komes back 4 vengence....

now i kant lie the rape scene wuz pretty brutal, but i'll tell u this after c'n wut this girl went thru ~ it kinda pushes u ta really root 4 her ta f*ck these guys up ~ & the sh*t she does is definitely worthy of sum "fearnet" action....

kant giv it away but its a definite must c, if u havnt yet....

(put it lyk this, they need ta show this movie in a double feature with "teeth" as a rape deterence video) LOL ~ lyk keep it in your pants fellas....

R.H.F.S.U  Money mouth

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This was actually a really good film but yeah the rape scenes were kinda horrible, I loved when she took revenge on the sherif guy though lol

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I haven't got to see the remake yet, it should be in the mail tuesday, but i have seen the original and it was brutal as hell. I am looking forward to seeing the remake.

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a worthy remake, some good kills!!!!

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It wasn't any thing but a big long rape scene, I hardly call that scary. It was a terrible revenge thriller where in more of the film was dedicated to the 5 indvidual rape sequences than to the actual plot and retribution. Let's be honest and blunt, this movie was a sordid dark prono not a horror film.

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The rape scenes were very long and savage, I turned away a lot.

I did like how she took revenge on each guy similarly to the way each one viciously violated her. In fact, I thought the guys got off kind of light and deserved much worse!

Although it was extremely hard to watch at times, I think it's worth one viewing but just once for me. I wouldn't call it horror either, more like a "thriller" genre.

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It's a revenge thriller, which is why I hate it, I expect a lot from revenge thrillers and ISOYG doesn't hold a match to any of the good ones like Desprate Hours, & Deathwish, or even to the worse end of the genre like The Final, Bruiser, and Tamara.

ISOYG was a big sex scene with little discernable plot and kills that though unique were ultimately unsatisfying.

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a very good remake!! i hated the original.

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