Buffy: horror or melodrama or both or neither?

Buffy: horror or melodrama or both or neither?

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What do you guys think? How "horror" is Buffy? Are certain episodes more horror-based than others? Are some episode scary but not "horror," and vice-versa?

Also how much do you love Joss Wheadon? Because I love him all of the much. 

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I own the first 3 seasons of 'Buffy' on DVD, along with the first season of 'Angel'. (After those seasons-both shows became ridiculous) I watch them every now and again. I think they are excellently balanced between horror, drama, pathos and humor. They had an excellent staff of writers and a terrific cast that really made the writing come alive-AND the interaction of the characters made them seem real and like people you actually know. The dialogue was always wonderful and the stories were very well written and it was a quite well done show. I was a big fan until both shows got..well..stupid.

Joss Whedon is a very creative and talented person with a 'comic book nerd' personality that I can relate to. His other series 'Firefly' was also quite good and the ending movie 'Serenity' was kick-ass!! Joss was supposed to be writing the script for the new 'Wonder Woman' film, but he quit over 'creative differences' (He wanted to make the script 100% faithful to the comic, the producers thought different)-But he DID write the script and is directing next year's big Marvel blockbuster of 'The Avengers', which I was doubtful to see, but now that I know that Joss is behind it, you'll find me standing in line!!

Never got a chance to see 'Dollhouse', though I heard it was pretty good. Joss has written several of the 'Buffy' comics as well. Very versatile and is a master of the medium. (However, his movie 'Titan AE' sucked big time! What an awful script! But that's what inspired him to create 'Firefly')

Joss even writes music and lyrics-as in the case of the musical Buffy episode 'Once More With Feeling'. He can write, direct, produce and gives good and entertaining interviews and commentary. Too bad the entertainment industry doesn't think much of him.



I think Spookster meant FIREFLY when he wrote DRAGONFLY, the prequel t.v. series to the movie SERENITY.


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Yes, I DID mean 'Firefly'..Oooops!!!! I'll go back and edit my reply. Thank you!!!

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i will probaly get a ass kicking off you guys for this but ... buffy is shit! just like charmed, hercules & all the rest of this kind of shit. but who am i to talk i like smallville

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Definitely klownz-if you like Smallville-you have no right to talk! (Just kidding-!) Smallville is an insult to all the SuperMan fans of the world-(and i'm a BIG SuperMan fan-so I should know!) It totally re-writes Superman's history and legacy because the budget of the show is too cheap to do it right..and I thought 'Lois & Clark' was awful..

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we talking about the series right !!not our one and only buff!!

the show is fookin pantz it aint horror for sheet,its bananafookinrama!!!!!!!!LOLSmile


LMAO. . . of COURSE Buffy is not horror but neither was the tongue in cheek satirical movie it was based on! I mean C'mon. . . . . PEE WEE HERMAN AS A VAMPIRE ? ! BUT. . . . that being said, I hated the movie as too moronic and not funny enough but LOVED the show. Except for the one where they sang. Turned it off, dont care. Well acted and well written and a ton of fun. It WAS what it WAS and looking at the movie that spawned it, you HAD to understand THAT.

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Joss Whedon had no control over the 'Buffy' movie. He was just starting out and he got the royal screw from the producers who wanted the movie done THEIR way. Whedon's script called for the same dark toned perspective as the series, but the producers didn't think it would sell, so Whedon was forced to bastardize his own concept for the sake of making a 'hit' movie.

That's why he created the series, so he could fulfill his original vision he had for Buffy at the start. He found producers that shared his vision and decided to give him a chance and VOILA! History was made! Frankly , I LOVED Paul Ruebens as a vampire-what a reverse of Pee-Wee! AND it DID launch the career of Hilary Swank. Rutger Hauer was a waste as the evil vampire, though. Donald Sutherland makes ANYTHING good-also he was not the first actor selected-Whedon had someone else in mind for the part. 

There is a 3 part comic book adaptation done by 'Dark Horse' comics of Whedon's original Buffy movie script available in a trade papaerback edition, which I own. It's very good and sets up the series that was to come very nicely-it has a couple subplots that of course, weren't followed up on because of the wreck the movie baecame, one of them involving Sutherland's 'Watcher' character becoming a vampire. (notice in the movie-he supposedly dies, but it's off-camera so we don't actually see what happens to him) That would have been a GREAT subplot to carry onto the series-but they didn't. Guess they needed something for the plot of the Buffy comics.


Yeah but the whole WATCHER thing is like a rip off of the HIGHLANDER SERIES that had WATCHERS chronicaling the Immortals in their battles and lives as well as the LESTAT series of male bashing, one minute gay one minute not, vampires. ( In the Lestat series the males somehow somewhere along the line get it on, while the women are always nobly hetero. Author probably needs therapy, but its why I stopped reading her shit early on.)




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