Is there any news

Is there any news

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Any news atall on the second season, any info will be appreciate!!!!

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i havent heard a thing mate other than its going to start 21st of october

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SAw on a commercial on AMC Sneak peak  either before or all thru or after the season premere of Breaking bad next sundaY!!!!!

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WOOT WOOT can't wait till  it comes back!!

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aint darabont quit!!, thats gotta be a bad thing for sure right , i mean aint he the one behind the whole thing anyhow,,, not that i give a fook, cause i hate the show with a passion, but thats cuz i am a grumpy british bastard!!!!Yell


Mate, just look at it as an hour long MOVIE, followed by hour long SEQUELS, lmao!  Yeah, Im worried that Darabont quitting is a bad sign. Particularly that he left because of budget cuts. May mean he believes the quality of the show will suffer. Not only that, with less budget probably means less time in city scenes. Im a little tired of zombies shuffling in the frikken WOODS all the time. The best scenes were the Atlanta ones. Romero did the country side and small towns to DEATH.

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i think if they had made the zombies a bit like the ones from 28 days then i might of got into it more, but cause they just looked like sacs of spuds then it was proper off puttin!!!!ok ok let me correct my self here as i now how usetting it is for some folk that the zombies form 28 days are not infact zombies but infected well there zombies to me !!!LOL



Yeah mate. Might not be realistic BUT in the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake with Ving Rhames, dem zombies were fookin LOCAMOTING, lol. Got the adrenalin pumpin, the nerves jumpin and the asshole cranked shut, lol. Loved the remake with the quick moving bastards. the opening scene and the helicopter view of the city were fantastic.

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yeah mate i forgot about that one !!!!!great fookin flick that one of my best ,, defo top 10!!!!,, ure right they were locomotive ,,,!!!thats what u want , cause u know u cant be pissing around ,,, u gotta act first then think later, not dilly fookin dally about !!! shoot first reload and bag 10 others before they take a fookin chunk outta ya!!!!!!!yeeeee haaaaaaa !!!!!!

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You guys dont like this show?  I LOVE IT !!! I cant wait until it comes back on-  and I know many, many people who LOVE it also-  And Carpy-  are you really a grumpy, British Bastard?  LOL-

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Is this HF & Carpy at the bar ????????????

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Im the good lookin' one. . . . . . . . . . . . . and who said I didnt like the show? What you smokin' ZBG ?



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