Todd & The Book of Pure Evil

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil

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Imagine, if you will, a book of awesome power. A book that will make your deepest, darkest desires come true... but at a horrifying cost. A book like this... in the hands of teenagers. It's The Book of Pure Evil, and it's loose in Crowley High. Thankfully, one horny student stands between The Book and the end of the world as we know it. His name is Todd. He's fighting evil... with mixed results

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Premieres August 2nd. Learn more on the show page.

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I love this show! It is the cheesiest, goofiest show, but somehow it works. It doesn't try too hard to be funny it just trips over itself and there it is. 

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I started hearing good things about Todd over the past few months and didn't even know the show was transmitted in the US. Normally I just ignore FearNet in the channel listing even thought it's in HD but while flipping past it one day I noticed it was actually on!

So I watched it for the first time tonight and thought it was pretty good. Until the ending of "Checkmate" when all the swearing was dubbed out.

Seriously? FearNet is a cable channel specializing in horror movies and they are too scared to have unedited language in a comedy context? After 10pm? At least Canada has the balls to air the show in full and to make it worse FearNet doesn't even use the clean version of the show - they just blank it out.

This is supposed to be in a comedy block. Removing jokes is kind of detrimental to that. There is no reason the unedited version cannot be shown late. What? Are they afraid of offending the delicate sensibilites of the viewers? FearNet is supposed to be a horror movie channel, not ABC Family or CBS.

If this is an example of how FearNet treats it's content then I guess I can go back to ignoring it, along with all the other sanitized and edited content on all the other pointless channels.

If you need to edit something to show it. Then just don't bother.

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I certainly hope so. This is one of the most awesome shows ever made.


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It's on netflix now if you wanted to watch it uncensored. 

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This show is great. It's originally from Canada. It aired on the SPACE channel, but got canceled. So there is only 2 seasons, but there is a petition circulating to have it brought back.  So if you enjoy the show please sign it.

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I signed the petition.


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