Breaking Bad Season 4 Premiere!

Breaking Bad Season 4 Premiere!

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Guys! Wait is over and get ready to watch Breaking Bad Season 4 Premiere which is gonna air on July 17th, 2011. I also wanna know your fave caharacter and season as well. I am damn excited to watch it.

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I'm looking forward to the new season of "Breaking Bad". Its a great show. Who's my favorite character? Guess I would have to go with the obvious and say Walter White. Bryan Cranston acts the hell out of that character. Its not easy to play, Walter goes back and forth to being submissive and scared to being the vicious attack dog, sometimes within the same episode. I love how the series doesn't sugercoat things. Sure he starts out as a sympathetic character but at this point Walter is simply a criminal and even relishes his anger and violent side.  

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