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i am fuck!ng loving this new series! i just hope they keep up the good work true blood.jpg

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Wow! I'm flattered that you all wanna know what the Spookster is into! Embarassed  I don't want to offend anyone if I should say I don't like something the rest of you like. But no, I don't like 'Dexter' either. My friends eat it up, but I can't get into it. I don't think ANY of the HBO shows are any good. I also don't care for any of the Showtime series-the last show on cable I liked was 'Dead Like Me' which only lasted 2 1/2 seasons. Since then, I have felt there has been nothing that catches my interest. I know it must seem that i'm not much of a horror fan, the way I despise re-makes and don't go along with the crowd-but I just know what I like and what appeals to my tastes. It's not just the horror element-it has to do with casting, telling a good story, good acting, good visual effects-the whole package. So i'm not going to like something if it doesn't have those elements, horror or not.

But like I said-I have over 2500 movies and TV series in my personal collection-so I REALLY DO like most everything-and if I DON'T like something-I usually have a good reason. I've seen THOUSANDS of movies in my lifetime and i'm a little bit jaded, so it has to be something 'Super-Special' to get my attention. Not berating all of you that like all these things-there's a crowd for everything-I guess i'm my own crowd-because usually what I like, no one else likes..thank you all of you for letting me explain things. You're a great bunch of people!


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I love Dexter. I loved Dead Like Me as well.

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mate your fookin cracking me up mate, i think its all a load of fookin sheet aswell mate i even think the walking dead sucks ass big time i really dont care for a series of stupid episodes about what ? fook all!!!LOL,,, just give me a decent 90 min movie!!!!1peace!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOVED DEAD LIKE ME. Wanted to kick some cable net ass when they cancelled it. Stupid frikken masses.Yell No worries Spook. No matter what you like or dont like, youre A-OK in my book.

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I must be easily amused, I like them all. Hell, I even liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer! LOL!


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Scariest show on TV right now...By far...

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The best series on TV right now. I love True Blood!

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I didn't think I'd like it and I avoided it until last year. Good thing I avoided it. I am now so hooked it isn't funny, but if I'd had to wait to see what happened next?( Like a bah zillion times that ran through my mind while catching up via the go app) I'd have hurt someone! They do like to cliff hang! That would have driven me nuts to wait out for the next episode. I read a lot too. Has anyone read the books? I wonder if we're missing anything? 


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