No more Frank Darabont? Hope this doesn't change much...

No more Frank Darabont? Hope this doesn't change much...

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It looks like Frank has quit and there is no more Darabont in the show, at least for now.  I am not sure if this is bad or good, but sometimes change is good.  Let's hope this doesn't affect things too much.


Frank Darabont quits The Walking Dead

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This doesnt bode well. Darabont is an innovative, involved director who loves horror and does superior work. Particularly if he is leaving cause the suits are cutting the budget thereby, in all probability, affecting the show adversely. What are they going to do? Leave out highway and city scenes to be cheap and shoot them out in the woods ALL THE TIME? That farmhouse scenario would get OLD fast! Between losing Drabont and getting Stephen Same Old Shit King to write episodes (for a show that technically is ALREADY WRITTEN via the successful graphic novel) I have a feeling THE WALKING DEAD is walking the "green mile" to its demise.

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