Horror movies "quotes"

Horror movies "quotes"

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 There r 2 horror movie quotes- the 1st being one of my fav's: "Well hello, Clarrise...",that stay me. That 1st one is from "Silence of the Lambs" #3, (probably the other one's 2) The 2nd is more of a classic movie, & the quote was being said more as a joke by the person who was saying it. However I don't think that the one hearing it had a sense of humor at all. I think anyone who knows horror at all, knows this quote: "They're comming to get you Barbara!" Yep, Its "Night of the Living Dead". For me, those r the one's that come 2 mind the the quickest, but I'm sure if I worked at it a few minutes many more would start rolling in.... just gimme some time, after all, I just joined up w/fearnet 2day! Yes, I finally got around to it!         sincerely, Staci_Annette

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Mine is - They're here - Poltergeist

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"Explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others." - Pin Head, Hell Raiser (1987).

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I saw Hellraiser when it 1st came out. It scared the shit out of the guy that took me 2 see it, but I LOVED it! I don't really remember the quote; but I think in all the Hellraiser movies theres always someone asking "who are, what do you want"? Then Pinhead would make some kinda remark like the one that you quoted. Good one, I had completely 4gotten about Hellraiser for qoutes!

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I remember that quote real well. I also liked "Hannibal" with Julianne Moore as Clarice Starling, where Hannibal comes to her rescue (so to speak) and Ray Liota gets some of his brains cooked up & fed to him. And I really liked "Hannibal Rising", where it tells the story of his life from a boy to a man & how he (most likely) became the brilliant yet dangerous man that he became. Good one neener, brought back a few memories!

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Thats a horror movie quote that could probably pass as one of the most popular 4 sure! Even the one from poltergiest two: "They're back" is pretty well known, but no where near as popular as the quote from the first movie "They're here!"

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"I'm not going to play the hardy Boys meet Reverend Werewolf!" -Uncle Red SILVER BULLET

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“Victims…aren’t we all?” The Crow

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"What's the boogeyman?" ""As a matter of fact...that was." (HALLOWEEN)


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