Silent Hill

Silent Hill

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So I'm watching Silent Hill and thinking, "If I never played the games, this would be the kind of movie I absolutely hate." So much suspense for not much actually happening. But because I've played and enjoyed some of the games, I think the movie is pretty damn good. Especially the cinematography and use of music & sound effects - it really is true to the look and vibe of the games. And maybe because it's supposed to be sort of surreal, slipping between the two worlds and whatnot, I can even forgive the overuse of CGI. Definitely better than most other video game based films I've seen.

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Im NOT a gamer and, while it could have been better scripted and more lucid, I enjoyed it and like it quite a bit.

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shit i carnt explane enough just how much i love the silent hill movie! & i carnt wait for the next one, fingers crossed they dont fluck it up!

i am so glad Uwe Boll didnt direct it & it is easily the best game to film addaption. It makes me laugh when people dont get the ending & as for CGI i think it was well used!

@ doe333 i love this film but i actually think i would have enjoyed it more if the games had not existed because if it had been just the idea of the film makers the film to me would have been ground breakingsilent hill.jpg

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i liked this movie, there is a part in the movie where there are the big weapons coming through the walls that was cool.

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i especially liked deborah k unger & laurie holden in this.  i liked pyramid head & those nurses.  don't care about the's a cool movie.

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I've only watched my dad play the game - never played it myself. But I thought the movie was really good though.

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