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fearnet needs to get "let the right one in" ~ & for those that are tardy....

"let the right one in" is the original to "let me in"

but its in swedish (or @least i think that was swedish)

so anyway, yeah pretty much its the same movie except they have a scene where the lady that turns into a vampire in the hospital gets attacked by all sorts of cats

another thing is im guessing theres no swedish "tom savini" because instead of the girl actually turning into a vampire

they literally got an old woman to play the part

like she dips in & out of the scene so you kinda get the idea that she"s not a little kid

so yeah ~ "let the right one in"

if you havnt seen it ~ put it in your life....

                                                        R.H.F.S.U  Money mouth



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 i had a few peves with the remake like the shit cgi! / shit fake snow & constantly scanning to bare feet

what i did like was the perfect acting from the kids, its a shame the audience the remake was aimed at needed spoon feeding

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I saw the original before I even knew that they were making a remake!  I LOVED IT!!!!  I of course had to watch the remake because I lived in Los Alamos when they were filming it and my boss's (while I lived in Los Alamos) daughter was an extra in the movie...."Let Me In" was one of the few movies that I have watched in theatres and I wanted my money back...my goddess was it awful!  Not to mention that Los Alamos does NOT look anything (and never has) like the movie.  The apartment complex that you see from the tunnel does NOT exist, in fact that entire complex not only doesn't exist but it never did.  The hospital does NOT look like that in any way shape and or form.  You also can't get to Los Alamos by the road that thye were using in the beginning of the movie, there is NO train and never has been.  And we do NOT have a lake!  They should have just made up a fictional town.  If you say it's a town then it better look like that town at least a bit....and no that grocery store and gas station doesn't exist either...in fact, none of the roads or any scene of the town is that of Los Alamos.  With that out of the way....YES, Fearnet needs to screen the original movie....it's a masterpiece!

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no wonder you didnt like the remake!! just out of intrest how well did the original go down in America?

the only reason i ask is because it went down amazingly here in the UK it was the best selling dvd in the world cinema section of the store i worked in for ages! we sold loads & loads of dvds!

was it recived badly in the states?


The movie was well received in the U.S. and won just about every award. It was not nominated for the Academy Award because of a time line snafu by the films producers in their native country which then knocked it out of contention simply because they screwed up entry procedures.

BTW at the end of the flick, the kid Morse codes "hi" and the vamp codes back "XO" (hugs and kisses)

But Im not sure but I dont believe the original movie did too well financially as it wasnt really available in a whole lot of theaters. Just foreign film and art house type theaters.HELLFIGHTERS SMILEYBTW. . . . I WOULD prefer a REMAKE that would be more like a MINI SERIES on a GOOD budget that would actually make it more faithful to the book. My understanding is that the book is LONG and both movie versions preferred to keep the "theme" of "coming of age" for the characters rather than all the complex nuances of the book which would require more time than a normal movie allots. Theres a LOT of backstory, it seems, to how the kid becomes a vamp, what he goes through, etc.

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I agree I watched the original and enjoyed it.....when I heard they were remaking it, my first response was "why"??? so I looked into it and found that the "big wigs" in Hollywood had said that one of the reasons of doing the remake was that the American Audience hate films in a foreign language with subtitles as they cannot watch and read at the same time????.......My response to that is Utter rubbish don't stereotype the American Audience in that way by saying they are all thick!!!! Also seeing America has one of the largest Animé and Manga fan base in the western world, and most animé is in Japanese with plenty of subtitles...although some are dubbed.

Its all about money......and also a hint of how dare a Swedish film dominate the cinema...we have to our version of it and everyone will dislike the original. Trust me it's true, I've know people who have only ever seen the remakes of the classic films and in there opinion the originals are rubbish and dated....sad really

On a further note it would be interesting to see what would happen if a cinema would show both the original and also the remake...which one would do well??? anyway I've digressed lol


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Has anyone read the book? This is another one of those where I'm a fan of the movie but haven't read the book, like "Audition". If you have read "Let the Right One In", do you think Lindqvist should write a sequel to it? Do you know if he plans to?



The director of original movie was approached about directing the remake but he replied that he is too old to be remaking movies. He would rather do stuff not seen yet.

This movie WAS remade as a money maker BUT I dont mind. Because the movie was made by the newly REBUILT HAMMER STUDIOS. Who were horror fans bread and butter back in the day when no one seemed to be making horror films with regularity. The first three films that Hammer has done in their comeback, including LET ME IN has NOT generated the funds they thought it would. It would be GREAT if they would succeed and go back to putting out the large amount of horror they did back in the day.

So, LET ME IN is NOT an AMERICAN remake it is mostly a BRITISH remake although the new HAMMER has taken steps to make their studio INTERNATIONAL and when last I checked the head of the studio was neither American nor British. I still wish them much success and the remake, LET ME IN WAS liked by every critic. Just informing.GREATEST HORROR STUDIO EVER

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Hf always stopping by with the good info:)

I wanna read this book now. 

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