The JB_Fear Quote Game

The JB_Fear Quote Game

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This is something I made up on my blog yesterday that someone (who is very wise for mentioning this) said would have a better chance in this forum. So let's get started. 

Game Objective - To get the most points before the time is up on the round.

Rules - For this game, someone will post a Movie/TV quote (sentence or question). This quote must have an avalible responce quote directly from the material.

Example -  If I were to post "Open the pod bay door, Hal." Someone would else could answer in a post "I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that." And so on. The quotes will continue for as long as the scene goes, or until I say times up.

You get 10 points for the appropriate responce. But even if you get it wrong, you get 3 points just for answering. So everyone who would participate would get 3 points. HOWEVER, if you to constantly just say things and not try to play the game, 4 points will be taken away from you for each unrelated post.

Negative points also play a factor. For misquoting or mispelling, points will be take away. Depending on how much of the quote you missed spelled or didn't get right, will determin how much points you get taken away. If you loose point after you've hit zero, the (of course) become negative. I will tally up these as well, and the person with the most negative points will be deemed 'DEAD' and will not be able to participate in the next round. However the person can return after that round, but will be 'UNDEAD' and have to start off with -5 points and try to work their way up. 

On positive side to that, the person with the most points in one round will be labled 'BITTEN' in the second round if the same person wins, the will be called 'CHANGING' and if a person wins three rounds in a row they will be 'IMMORTAL'. Immortals can start the next round with an automatic 10 points. 

The people in between the winner and the looser are know as 'DRIFTERS'. If one drifter comes in second place three times in a row, they become a 'DRONE'. When this happens,  a drone has to start every game from then on at -1. 

Third place and down, the 'DRIFTERS' don't get anything and start the next round at the usual zero.


Before I start up the game with my quote, I would like to know if everyone understands the rules, I get a little messed up on my words sometimes. Tongue out

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i aint got a clue mate!!!!!

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wow & i thought i had to much time on my hands...

good luck with this BS funny152.gif

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thats one fookin funny elephant!!!LOL

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lol it's the pink shoes Tongue out


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Well I've confused people... Great!Yell

Ok so. It's not as hard as I made it out to be, just a simple quote game. Someone says a quote from a movie or tv show and you have to respond to it with another quote from that scene. 

So, if I were to say the quote from Secret Window "Thought you didn't smoke.", another person would post the next line in the that scene which is "I took it up recently for my health." 

The other stuff I added about the rules and points shouldn't bother any one because the whole point of the game is to just have fun quoting scenes from stuff you like.

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dude there,s like two or more quote games going & pics on here already, so why not just continue on with those ?? lol just sayinzzzoooom

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yeah mate what are u blind or somethin!!LOL,,,,,


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If it's all the same, I'm gonna keep on rolling with this. I've only heard from two people on the subject. Maybe if more people dislike this, I'll leave it alone. However I feel like this would be a unique game to play because of the way I have set it up. There is no problem if you don't care for it, you don't have to play.

But maybe I worded this wrong too, I can't see anything, you know.

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come on guys this game is diffrent to just name the quote & name the movie picture game!

i will kick off with a test one, everyone will know the film but what is the next line? "Hi Georgie arent you gonna say hello? come on bucko dont ya wanna balloon?"

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"I'm not supposed to take stuff from strangers, my Dad said so."


(BTW, thanx klownz for participating!)


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