best of the eighties!!??

best of the eighties!!??

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if some of use here were born thus side of this excellent decade in horror then u missed out on some fookin mad horror movies, i nipped in there just during the seventies so i grew up on the sheet , and mate did it peel back the old eye lids and put a brown mark in me cacks!!!!,,,, the eighties i think was the defining year in popular modern horror history, and carved the way for all the new horrors of today,,, just my opinion,!!,, so without further a do here are just a few flicks, please feel free to add to the list,,,, the best of the eighties!!!!!







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the rubix cube ,,,,, how is this related to horror , i dont know , maybe something to do with the cube,,,,huhuhuhuh!!!???

so the rubix cube invented in 1974, and originally called the magic cube,, then old rubixy boy bought the license in 19 fookin 80 and aptly called it the rubix cube and sold it to millions of egg head kids with quick fingers,,, fookin spongebobs!!!! , can yee tell what movie i am leading too ,,, no ,, what u chatting about ,,, clive barkers HELLRAISER bang!!!!!we gets dare end de end!!1peace!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghYell



Yeah, laddie ! RED already put up the HELLRAISER vid, idnt ya watchin'?



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what a plank ,,, i thought i ort to check first ,,, oh well i gave a bit of history to the rubix so thats alright all is forgiven , but another one of mine was galaxy of terror !!!!think it was called somehting diff in your neck of the woods!!!??





I DID indeed love the RUBIX reference mate.

GALAXY OF TERROR was a childhood favorite, lmao. With the younger SID HAIG playing an alien badass. Mate I REwatched it recently after not seeing it for YEARS. . . . . . . . what tripe, lmao.

HOWEVER. . . . . . . . it DOES have cinemas FIRST alien monster rape scene wit the girl from HAPPY DAYS all growed up. ERIN MORAN methinks her name was. It WAS called GOT here in the U.S.


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yeah mate was abit mad on the psyche that one,,,, bit of a trip!!!,,  first alien shag scene huh fookin hell ,, yeah that was with that maggot,, i am sure she got it mate !!!LOL,,,, as for aliens not all come from space or just come lol!!!



LOVED DEEPSTAR ! The studios must have gotten the same ideas in the 80s lol.


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"Dead & buried" 1981 Great atmosphere and good story.

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so many to choose from Creepshows, The Fog, all franchaise horror films of NOES, F13th

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does anybody remember this movie, i saw this a while back, really creepy 80's horror movie.





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