best of the eighties!!??

best of the eighties!!??

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if some of use here were born thus side of this excellent decade in horror then u missed out on some fookin mad horror movies, i nipped in there just during the seventies so i grew up on the sheet , and mate did it peel back the old eye lids and put a brown mark in me cacks!!!!,,,, the eighties i think was the defining year in popular modern horror history, and carved the way for all the new horrors of today,,, just my opinion,!!,, so without further a do here are just a few flicks, please feel free to add to the list,,,, the best of the eighties!!!!!







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I DO remember MOTEL HELL sweety. Much loved in its time.

Who knew the 80s were so much fun !


OH ! You didnt mean PEOPLE ! ! !

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lmao.. my eyes, my eyes!!! my heart, my heart lol

log on & see some old folk's gettin groovie on the 80's thread lol luv it bud!!

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Duke Nukem was classic, definitely worthy of the video game as well. 

"I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubble gum." 

Weren't they (or haven't they) releasing a new video game?

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Oh I loved te hellraiser as kid and the gate. I seem to watch those all the time. But my most favorite of all times, the one I knew the lines to, watch everyday, dance and sing to, was THE LOST BOYS. I love my vampire movies, don't get me wrong I love my guts and blood ALOT but for some reason as a little girl I was dawn to the lost boys like a bug and a ligh bulb lol

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Kinda hard to comment since most posts apparently used links instead of typing the movie title? They've all disappeared from the individual postings. Result: No clue what the poster was adding to the list. Start of this post is missing the entire list. All I see is their name and how many people liked the movie they linked, whatever it was, before the link died and blew away.

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Quite a few movies come to mind. 

Carpenter's The Thing and Cronenberg's The Fly - my two favorite 80s horror movies (I guess you could call the sci-fi too)

A few more that kind of went under the radar at the time -

My Bloody Valentine - a great twist in the then up and coming slasher genre

Dead and Buried - great atmosphere!

The Funhouse - very scary and original monster in my opinion

The Beast Within - some bad special effects and atrocious acting but overall this film works for some reason

The Burning - I didn't see it when it was originally released. Picked it up on video by chance a few years ago. I liked it!

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Some of my Best of The 80s.


 Friday 13th and The Final Chapter

The Fog

Nightmare On Elm St. and NOES part 3

The Prowler


The Thing

The Howling

American Werewolf In London

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Also want to add...

Prom Night

My Bloody Valentien 

and even though its more Sci-Fi...

The Fly (remake)


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