Scares That Care! at HorrorFind Weekend!

Scares That Care! at HorrorFind Weekend!

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Hey Everyone!

If you'd like a chance to meet some of the Folks behind Scares That Care! you'll get it this weekend!

Scares That Care! will be attending HorrorFind Weekend this September 2nd - 4th!

HorrorFind will be held in Gettysburg PA!

You can check out their SITE for all the details

We'll be having a Silent Bizarre Auction on the 4th from 12 to 2!

If your going come say Hi!

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Just found out we will be selling Raffle tickets to win a one-of-a-kind signed guitar!

George Romero; Ted Rami, Dick Miller, Doug Bradley, Dee Wallace, Bruce Campbell, Ken Foree, Gary Busey, Jake Busey, Richard Lynch, Meg Foster, Bill Mosley, Nivek Ogre, Geretta Geretta; Plus More Signatures will be added this weekend!

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