Ouija Board

Ouija Board

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hey guys i have always been fascinated with the ouija board and wanted to use it, but wasn't sure if it worked. can you guys let me know if it works or if it's not such a good idea to use it.



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personally I haven't tried it, nor do I intend to.
However I do believe it can work, I do not however believe it lets you communicate with the dead, I think it's got a much stronger demonic influence behind it and I think it's best to let sleeping dogs lye.

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I WOULD SAY NEVER USE THE OUIJA BOARD.....when my parents were young they dabbled in it with friends....I was'nt born then but my sister was and a brother I never new......Well this night they were doing the baord with friends everythig was right in the roon like I mean dark candles etc.....the glass stared to move my dad asked a questons (AS YOU DO) it said yes/no then all of a sudden it spelt out my brothers name twice........this shocked my parents two weeks later he died.... he was 8 months old,he died in his cot, they blamed THE ouija Board and never ever touched it again it nearly ...thats part of a story I will tell to many of you on FEARNET.......
So please dont dabble in the baord and this is a true story
Sappy xo

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sad story sapp. sorry to hear about your brother..

for the board to work you have to use a real crystal the one that comes with it in the box is fake crap.

but take warning in what caleb, said there - hes 100% correct - that's not the dead trying to communicate.. that's bad bad mojo & if you know nothing of demons or the dark side of things, don't even play with a board!!! ouija-board.gifseriously don't mess with em unless thats what your searching for, and if what your truly searching is the supernatural side of things there are a bunch of healthier & safer methods of practices..  try the hu mantra for starters it's easy safe and doable...

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supposed to be a fookin hell a horror coming out about the ouija,, i for one am well up for a bit of the old communicating with the demons sheeet,,, making sure of course me wear me reinforced undergarments for special protection againt me papping it big time!!!!, yeah those things are creepy as fook,,, there also ancient as fook dont know how the history goes with these things but ,,, u can make the fookin things ,,, dint know about the cyrstal though boots!!

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looking forward to lords of salem as it goes with old playing back the record trip , and hearing the voices which turn out to be nasty as fook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hellraiser springs ot mind,,,,,, but not saying anything like a ouija far more historic where being the record nice and contemporary in the horror field alright given there have been movies on this but not by rob the fookin man ZOMBIE!!!!big up!!!

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I say go for it. Even if nothing happens, it's fun to creep yourself out! Just be smart about it. Don't try to agitate whoever/whatever you might contact. If you start getting unnerving responses, stop using the board immediately. A lot of sites I've gone to suggest using a protection prayer/charm before you start and when you finish (you can find one online or even write your own).

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stopping doesn't really help, when you take an action against a form or invocation like this where it's already shown to start working, then it would be like letting a  murderer into your house and attempting to close the door behind him to keep safe, if the demon establishes communication, then it's already there and stopping won't alter that.

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LOL! its all a load of bollox! ........... tarro card , palm reading type bollox! religion ETC. BOLLOX .... NOT REAL! bull shiz!

ghost hunting blah blah blah!



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I guess I don't mean "stop" like just walk away from the board. From what I've read, if things start taking a negative direction you're supposed to firmly set/slam the planchette on "goodbye" and wrap up with a closing prayer/protection thing. Then again, I haven't had much luck with a board personally so I'm sure more detailed suggestions can be found elsewhere. I had a few good sites bookmarked but I didn't get a chance to save them before my laptop was reimaged. >_< 

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Okay, well this happened when I was a little girl, I am now 16. When I was 5 I remember my uncle buying a Ouija board for my cousin for his 14th birthday and he said, here you go enjoy your birthday gift. My cousins and I were all like okay well sneak a peek.

I remembered that night we waited until the sun went down so we could play the game. My cousin, who was the birthday boy, opened it. We all knew what kinda game it was. You spell out what your saying or just say something and watch the triangle mirror move. We were messing around with it and we all had our laughs, it was fun. I remembered it clearly, we made fun of how this game was boring and that it was just a make a believe game, and so after we had our fun we blew the candles out and slept through the night.

I lived in a small house. We had two families living in one. I was the first one to wake up that next morning. I went to the living room and watched cartoons like I always did when I wake up. Suddenly I felt like this tingly feeling like something was there like I didn't even want to do be in the living room. In the living room there was this doll on our counter dressed like a witch. I never liked it but I thought that if I knocked it down I wouldn't be scared so I knocked it down and ran into my parents room.

When I came out the witch doll was where it was placed like it wasn't even touched. You probably don't believe this but I know what I saw. I didn't tell anyone until my dad told us when he arrived home from work he smelled eggs as if someone were cooking and as he went into the kitchen he saw an old lady cooking. Once that happened we moved out down the street. Ever since then we still feel as if someone is following us and when we pass my old house during Halloween there's always a new family moving in or out of the house. I guess that what happens when you play with an Ouija board.


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