Ouija Board

Ouija Board

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hey guys i have always been fascinated with the ouija board and wanted to use it, but wasn't sure if it worked. can you guys let me know if it works or if it's not such a good idea to use it.



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I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH BUT DON'T USE A OUIJA BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I study Wicca and it tells me straight out to never ever use it. If you have one then get rid of it ASAP!!!!!!!!! 

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i would love to see any solid evidence to support ouija boards or any other witch craft type nonsense ....... my mate is a pagan & his wife is a "witch" i like them BUT it takes me alot of effort not to stop them from talking there shit to me ....... i do show them respect though because they belive this stuff

i am a athiest & only belive in things supported by science

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I look at the Oija board as a boring item if you do not get anything, if this is the case why use it? On the other hand Look at it this way, with a oija board what you are doing is opening your door and letting whoever wants to go into your house go in. and god help you if is the entity is a very destructive or vindictive spirit. eithr way whyuse it when the outcome is either one of these. There is no upside to this question. Leave it be

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that is the most nuteral & sensible answer .... i agree


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