Season 2 Premiere

Season 2 Premiere

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So what'd everyone think of the premiere lastnight? Is he gonna die?? I doubt it. Also did anyone catch the Talking Dead thing at midnight? I fell asleep. Is it worth checking out?

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I totally enjoyed it...good suspense.....wanted to know what the dr said and oooh it doesnt matter....ripoff!!!

Talking dead was not very good.....maybe it will get better

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But that guy riding the motorcycle was stupid. Motorcycles are loud. You can hear em from far away. Way to alert the zombies.

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loved the new episode but where the hells the little girl and they cant do that to the little boy who the hell shot him  ugghhhh  cant wait til episode 2 and sry didnt watch talking dead i fell asleep too but heard good things



SPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTIt was STUPID to take the kid on a rescue anyway. Particularly "just so he wouldnt feel left out". What nonsense, its the end of the frikken world. WAS a surprise when he got accidentally shot. (bullet went through the buck.)

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They had to take him  couldnt get out of it was in the script.....sorry man had to insert a bad joke!!


LOL. . . . . you aint wrong Mr.B !

Can you imagine taking a kid into "no mans land" on a desperate search ? Much less one so young? Hollywood sometimes . . . . . . lol. And so many of us suck that nonsense UP. Not to mention that in real life you would have to be nuts to let a kid near any wild animal INCLUDING a BUCK and TO PET HIM ! Dem antlers aint just for show !

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I loved it! It got me addicted to the show all over again... I have yet to see the 2nd episode...


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I Have to agree with you, even bucks can be very dangerious, and as a cop rich shouldv'e known that. But even with the stupidity, I still enjoyed the show VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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