Where does the X - Files fit in with this?

Where does the X - Files fit in with this?

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 I'm a huge 30 Days of Night fan. I loved the mash up of the X-Files.

 Does anyone have a timeline of where all the events fit into the series?


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Yep. The pilot was excellent and some of the abduction and black oil shows were good. Some werent so great because they had to rely too much on knowing the whole Muldur/Scully mythology.

I didnt care for them as a romantic couple cause there doesnt seem to be ANY chemistry between them but they were great and likable as partners. Muldur may have been wimpy but he was wry and smart and still had the guts to go for it.

Anderson is older but looking hotter than ever. Not chubby by any standard but she is always faking a British accent as she couldnt find work here and headed across the pond to Britain and is succeeding there. She was last seen in an "M" type role (the James Bond chief) in the JOHNNY ENGLISH spy spoof. Word was that Gillian Anderson did NOT care much for David Ducovny.

BTW, check out the really funny sci fi spoof by Ducovny, EVOLUTION.




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ive seen it but its been a while, hahaha funny shit.isnt it a spoof of fight the future?


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