They took the incredible HELLRAISER concept and turned it into another bullshit B movie. Some dude taking Bradleys place as Pinhead, this is a STRAIGHT TO DVD production. Low budget, missing the Cenobites grand entrances and the excellent writing that gave Pinhead some of the GREATEST lines in movies. Make up is pretty good but it just doesnt hold a candle to the original series and actors. Barker had nothing to do with it and HATES it, and rightfully so. . . . . hence straight to dvd as, obviously, the producers themselves had little faith in it. WHY BOTHER ? Nothing like destroying a great and loved franchise for. . . . . . . . . ? ? ?

Here is a pic of the OLD GREAT CREW.



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RIP a great series

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I was just about to burn wrong turn 4 to DVD i rekon i will wait a minute for this to download & stick it on the end I BET I REGRET IT!


Its NOT flat out garbage, its just NOT the great HELLRAISER movies of old. Not even close.

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I AGREE WITH YOU HELLFIGHTER....all the way!!!! x


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What a damn shame.... ive been hearing about this installment forever it seems....this is my favorite movie series and its sad that what could have been truly awsome is reduced to a poorly made straight to DVD piece of poo. Clive Barker having nothing to do with it pretty much sold me...thanks for the heads up!demon to some

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I havent seen it yet. I was thinking about picking this bitch up at Blockbuster. Has anybody even seen this yet??? Is it worth 3 dollars??? Ive been a HUGE fan of hellraiser since as long as i can remember, even the bad ones.

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