Mother's Day

Mother's Day

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Because I miss her....


The only time I see you now

Is in the nightmares where I can’t get out

Where your eyes are yellow, with skin to match

And all the tubes are reattached

You look at me, but I can’t look back

I love you too much to see you like that

yet when I wake up, the guilt I feel

Reminds me what I saw was real

I left you there when you were leaving me

When you couldn’t move or even speak

So who am I to wish you were here

When I was so selfish to leave you there

Yet wish is all I seem to do

Because already I’ve forgotten you

The sound of your voice, your smile

Taken from me when I was only a child

 Now Mother’s Day is just a constant reminder

Of who I lost, and that I’ll never find her

There will be no heaven in which we meet

No bible scriptures to comfort me

Your gone forever, this I know

The knowledge that slowly dissolves my soul.

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bootsngin's picture

very beautiful but so sad to hear at the same time..  time is a curious thing & love i doubt will ever fully be explained..

Murtr.Smile thx 4 sharing that!!

Murtr's picture

Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and understand it.

bootsngin's picture

 was my pleasure to read.. tyWinkSmile & if you ever write more.. please send a group message. or personal 1 so i Can keep up with ya'.. thx again 4 sharin Murtr..


Murtr's picture

Thank YOU! I write all the time, I have notebooks full of poems and stories, guess it keeps me sane...or notWink

twistedstoryteller123's picture

Firstly, you have my condolences. And secondly, this poem kind of hit home with my grandmother. Although technically not my mother, she did love me like a child and I miss her every day. You hit a real side of this topic, congratulations.


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