Horor Movies for 2012

Horor Movies for 2012

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There were some old boards still hanging around and thought i should bring us up to the present.  What films are you looking forward to next year:

Resident Evil (some subtitle)

The Woman in Black

World War Z

Dark Shadows

Piranha 3dd

or perhaps something amazing and orginal like

Cabin In The Woods (saw it this summer, don't watch any trailer or commercial go in cold and be blown away)

Or some small project?

Mine is Zon 361, but i emial the director earlier this year and it sounded like there was some funding trouble.



What are you eager to see and why?

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Aw hell. Who knows WHEN it will come out then. Could be 2012 or 2013. We could all be gone by 2012, lol.

2012 ?

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Im always up FOR almost any new horror movie-  variety is the spice of life !  Oh and i also wanted to compliment u for the updated look on this website- It looks great !!!

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There is Argento's Dracula, apparently its gonna be in 3d, Im not sure if anyone is excited for that one or not, I know Argento is usually pretty polarizing and hit or miss with the people I know, I like his movies and I am wanting to see it.

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well i saw the devil inside and was dissapointed, the innkeepers isn't much better, the other movies i want to see are


the cabin in the woods

dark shadows



the woman in black

piranha 3dd

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Dont have high expecations for The Woman In Black. Definitely cant wait Promethius.


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