LOVE THE WALKING DEAD. . . . I DO. I am also willing to suspend belief as any horror head would for my love of horror. BUT. . . . . some of us sometimes forget the Hollywood can be fairly. . . . . full of shit. Some of us take the movies like "training films" and that has merit. At the very least, even in real life, a horror head has somewhat prepared themselves for scary shit.

BUT. . . I thought I would point out two RECENT glaring probs with the shows. Forget an obvious thing like someone trying to survive AFTER cutting off his hand without, pharmaceuticals, wound management, blood loss, lack of food, infection, etc.

I had pointed out the Dixon hunts BOTH FOOD AND ZOMBIES with the same bow, even if he changes the ARROWS which are actually called BOLTS in Crossbows, his bloody bolts have actually contaminated his crossbow so eating food killed by it would contaminate you.

NOW. . . . I had to smile in the current eppy number three over the SIMPLEST of things. . . . . does anyone REALLY think that after months of zombies annihilating humans, you are going to find a FRESH, NON FUNGUS RIDDEN SLICE OF WHITE WONDER BREAD TO MAKE A SANDWICH ? ? Its the LITTLE things that actually make me laugh my ass off and I HAVE to point it out as horror heads sometimes seem to think that life during a zombie apocalypse includes chicken wings and beer.Laughing












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there had better be rum at the apoclypse or im out lol and i agree with you about the bolts,ah well cant be perfect lol

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Yeah that black dude cutting himself was pretty stupid. The hanging zombie was pretty dumb to. I understand the creativity involved but a zombie would starve to death wouldnt it? Correct me if im wrong.


Well. . . . I dont know about starving to "death" BUT. . . . human flesh can only take so much. A hung human, decomposing. The sheer weight of their body, sooner or later but usually sooner as skin FIRST stretches THEN loses elasticity. It should be a matter of days before the body and head separate. In which case you would have a zombie head sitting there like a land mine and an immobile decaying corpse. Thats why you should wear sandals during a zombie apocalypse, lol.


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love the show just wish they would'a made em, Lil faster..or a mix of slow/fast would be awsome to lol, like the more decomposed the slower ya know or something lol,i dunno just prefer the fast over the slow. later bud nice read!! lol later bud.

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Love your attention to detail, HF. You should really be a script supervisor, lol. I notice little things like that in pretty much every episode, but you gotta think it's hard to cover everything, especially when writing on a deadline for a series. But yeah, the bread should have been an easy one to think of.

Another thing about last episode (SPOILER ALERT): maybe I missed something, but why the hell did Shane shoot Otis and leave him for dead? It didn't seem like an act of survival to me, it just seemed like a dick move. I know he's been presented as a man of sometimes questionable means, but unless he's just snapping from all the pressure, that seemed very out of character to me.

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Also, in Daryl's defense, he's a redneck. Just because he knows how to shoot a crossbow doesn't mean he knows whether to call it a bolt or an arrow. Though, if I remember correctly, he did know the name and purpose of his brother's medication...


I agree with you there. The guy has been in tighter spots without breaking and not only that but he DID seem to go back for the guy per their plan so why ?

I guess someone could argue that this was the first time he was HURT and running from a herd. His leg being hurt from the fall. Still seems kinda weak to me and could have been done or planned better. Maybe if they showed over a few eppys that everything was finally weighing on him. I get the feeling sometimes they are rushing things.

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Shane i just a selfish asshole now. It all about the redneck now.


I dont recall him calling it either. I was just noting the diff in a "teaching" moment. "redneck" or not, despite lol, our use of the term, he acts like a brave, intellingent MAN in every sense of the word. I dont think the term properly applies to him in the OLD SCHOOL sense of the word. BUT. . . even real rednecks back in the day, knew their weapons and the name of everything concerning them. On the show, they might just call them arrows because they presume they might confuse the audience who might not know. A BOLT was also called a QUARREL.

Sorry. . . . "teaching" moment, lol.

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