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That zombie in the well was hella fookin cool........specially when it ripped in half........ that was the shite!!!!

Then the showed some of the fx on talking dead later so that was cool

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I thought that whole scene was pretty cool. Except the fact that he had supposedly grown "gills". That is completely ridiculous. Any living creature doesnt just develop gills. WHAT THE FUCK??? it takes millions of years for animal to dvelop other body parts. But beyond that fact it was a cool scene. When he got ripped half everyone in my living screamed a little. Didnt expect him to rip in half.

The body ripping in half kind of reminded of the girl that fell apart in Pirahna. The gif wont work but that is what happens

Piranha gif



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as soon as they started hoisting the 'swimmer' up, i saw the writing on the wall, so to speak.  the ripping was cool...my sis screamed too.  my fave part was after the farm girl had her little asian boy, & he's all, 'so, it was good...?'  then, she shoots him down...down in flames.  lol

ole darryl's really turning into an alright guy, eh? 

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Yeah i cant believe they actually pulled that. There were much better choices for her if you know i mean. The little asian??? I dont think so. Good for him though.

Watching fight club on AMC and just saw this sneak peak and there were like 8 helicopters flyin through the new york skyline and there were walkers in the camp. Way to give it away AMC. Shit going to go down next episode.

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i think it was almost obvious that glenn would hook up prior to the deed, but it was also funny how seemingly, they were on their way back kinda quick.  hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i still think darryl will show andrea the 'light'... lol

btw, what is t dog's name?  anyone....

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lol thats exactly what i was thinking whe i watched there cute little talk they had at the end of the episode. Love is in the air in the wlaking dead!!! 

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You know i thought they coulda saved the whole body...like "t-dog" get on rope and like wrap it around his leg and help with one hand >.o but thats just me

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